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Missing crew

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Commando01 #1 Posted 25 January 2020 - 10:58 PM


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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

I haven`t been able to play the game due to health issues since 2017, when i started playing again,i had to do a lot of updates.

After the updates were done i started the game and everyting looked alright, had a couple of games and then wanted to have a game in my T34 heavy tank, but i noticed the crew was missing ( a 3 skilled crew with 83% on the 4th skill).

Checked the other american tanks, the barracks and the dismissed tab, but no luck.

It was a dedicated crew since i had the T34 from when it still was a tier 9 heavy tank.

So after that i checked all other tanks and saw that the crew of my M103 was also gone and in place of that there was a 50% crew in it with 0 battles. (i`ve played over 400 battles in the M103)

Send in a ticket to Wargaming and all they could tell me was that i didn`t dissmis any crew and that my account hadn`t been hacked, and that was it.

So basically they just told me "Sucks to be you"

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