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Check out the lovely Specials in February

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994250 #61 Posted 04 February 2020 - 06:24 PM


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Was happy with crapwagon + t110, because i am already on advanced stages with those lines.
But with the progetto, i am only at tier 7.
And i will most definitely won't have the credits to buy through both lines, as i have 7 million only.

Either way, no matter which ToT will allign with FL, i will not have the time or willpower to start and finish that line in a week.

So in that regard, 1 month format was better.

Cataphractarii #62 Posted 09 February 2020 - 08:57 PM

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Just wondering why the change and why is the announcement hidden in old news.

I only found out about the change because I was checking the date the K-wagon was due to start. So now I can stop grinding a crew for it and try to resource a different tank.


gunslingerXXX #63 Posted 09 February 2020 - 09:06 PM


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Was waiting to buy the Leo with a nice discount.... guess I will wait some more. 

Also grinding prosecco line, so no big deal but still I'm amazed how they keep managing to screw stuff up.


Also, why not a month long? Any Idea how long it takes me to get from tier 6 to tier 10? If I powergrind approx 6 months... if you want to have two lines, why not 2x 1 month simultaneously?


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