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Team Clash | How upcoming events should look like.

Team Clash Example

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GodTank2 #1 Posted 01 February 2020 - 02:23 PM


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I believe Team Clash has demonstrated how upcoming WoT events should look like. Fast, enjoyable  Tier 10 focused battles is how every single event should be.

No one wants that modified low tier tank trash that was the last Halloween event or that Coop game mode. Simply putting players in a tier 1 or tier 3 tank that is modified to have 1k HP and do 100 damage is not fun nor enjoyable to grind. Its just a point and shoot fest. No armor to think of , no variety between tanks, only 2-3 tanks to choose from etc. ITS BORING.


Every event should be focused around Tier 10. It allows players to choose from ~50 different Tier 10 tanks to play with, gives a new reason for Tier 10 tanks other than playing random battles, lets people pick tanks that they have grinded and fit their playstyle while also not making the game modes repetitive where you just play the same 2 tanks over and over again.


The last and most important reason is : It gives people experience that will be useful for random battles. Wtf am I going to learn by playing a point and shoot game in a tier 1 tank that has modified stats for the specific game mode? Nothing. Tier 10 on the other hand teaches you about tank stats, armor, game mechanics, while also allowing for different playstyles and gameplay at the highest tier in the game, with tanks that you can actually unlock. It also gets players to not care about stats and makes them use tanks  that they would otherwise not use in randoms because they are not "meta" to play with.


Team Clash should be used as an example for future game modes and events.

sniper_pixie #2 Posted 01 February 2020 - 03:30 PM

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I for one would prefer that people learnt about tank stats, armour and game mechanics before they play tier 10.

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