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A question about winrate

player tank winrate evaluation

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ramram70 #81 Posted 07 February 2020 - 10:08 PM

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View PostMaroko_1337, on 07 February 2020 - 04:11 PM, said:


2 little tips that worked for me : i wait for 20/30s at the start to see where the tanks go, i don't go alone in one side and i am never the first tank in the common battle spot for the heavies for example.

I am more patient, i know my limits, i don't do things i am not good at.


--> To be honest, i did lost a bit of fun with being worried about that wn8 and winrate stuff BUT when i am really focused i do have more games where i am satisfied about my own performance than before.





Well said. I should really focus on those things.


I admit I worry too much about my stats when instead I should be enjoying more and play more relaxed. Just like I did a few years ago before I installed xvm after I noticed different stat sites showed my stats are going up slowly but steadily. 


And yes, I admit I tend to blame the team for a loss occasionally when I see we really had a decent chance but the +1200 WN8 players didn't play so well and we lost big time. Those players who should carry us bad players. I have ups and downs in WR by different sessions and I don't know the reason for that because they happen always more than a week apart (I only play on Friday and/or Saturday nights) and I like to think I play the same way every time.


My biggest obstacle in becoming a decent player is my lack of patience. I briefly look at the teams and head straight to the spot I usually go not realizing I have no support. Or when the smart play is to be in cover behind a building and wait, I make the bold assumption I have enough hp and the enemy is alone. Well, he usually is not and I get murdered by unspotted tanks. 


Also I'm too obsessed to get dmg (=WN8) and that gets me killed very often, so I'm not a very good team player. I always try to make as much dmg as my tanks hp and kill as many as I'm killed and when I see I don't get the dmg and the battle is pretty much over (and the enemy tanks are on the other side of the map) I get so frustrated and pissed. 








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