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Fiction parody :)

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killer999death #1 Posted 04 February 2020 - 07:12 PM

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Story is fiction based on World of Tanks' function of wheeled vehicles if they functioned the same in real world. 

After world war 2 the world was soon wrapped in a tense atmosphere which we today know as ''The cold war'', an unpleasant period which at any moment could bring down the destruction of everything humanity has worked on. Atomic bombs could rain down at any moment from both sides washing away material and life with it's destructive power. While the United States and Soviet Union were arming themselves with these weapons of mass destruction a smaller nation quietly developed it's own unique weapon looking harmless at a glance. The French launched their line of what they call Reconnaissance vehicles. Small and light no one suspected their hidden strenght - the wheels. Mankinds greatest invention is once again put into play at the sight of war. A mere thousand of these vehicles surely could be no match for the great power of the Soviet union which has a plethora of heavily armored vehicles at it's disposal to mobilize in mass. Well the world was wrong! As tensions rose to a cracking point the French in a panic decided to launch a daring attack into the frozen Soviet heartland forcing conventional war instead one of weapons of mass destruction. The fast reconnaissance vehicles were the first to cross into the snowy lands having no issues traversing snow, rocks, hills or dragon's teeth. Their speed surprised the Soviets but their number is small in comparrison to what the Soviet Union has managed to mobilize in such a short notice of war. T44's, T54's, T62's, IS3's and IS7's took their positions with the medium tanks advancing first into the speeding group of French wheeled vehicles. With no armor the French vehicles should be no problem for the Soviet veteran tankers manning their machines yet they were in for a shock even the Germans could not inject into their bones with tanks like the Tiger or King Tiger. The 100mm guns while accurate are proving to have a hard time hitting the French vehicles which are Wrooming around like flies. One second they are going straight towards the Soviet tanks then 0.2 seconds later they have already made a 90 degree turn and are out of the gunner sight. However the massive number of Soviet tanks with their fast rate of fire rained volumes of shells towards the French and as some old bearded man once said - throw enough sh*t at the wall some of it is going to stick. Shells hit their targets eventually but to the Soviet tankers horror all they do is bend some wheels which keep on spinning keeping the vehicles at high speed regardless of their efforts. With speed and utter chaos the French mingle among the Soviet tanks setting them ablaze with explosive rounds into the vulnerable rears and sides. Even the most greased up soviet turret cannot keep up with the circling speed the wheeled vehicles posses. Heavy tanks at the back stationary in defensive positions stood no chance, even before drivers could step on the gas pedal to accelerate the fearsome IS3's and IS7's they were completely surrounded by speeding vehicles. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, well more like blasting up the barrel itself. It was quick, almost something like from an old tale of how ghosts swoop in and out leaving nothing but devastation behind. 

The remaining Soviet mobile forces could not mobilize in time to defend their homeland, the French were quick to overrun every military base in the Soviet Union. Yes the Union is big but the French vehicles have the speed it takes to traverse anywhere in the time you say ''They can't really get there that fast''. 

What in our real timeline was a long lasting tense period in history in which the world could have been blown into a nuclear apocalipse it would be a short moment in history if World of Tanks universe.


The French were the first to land on the moon in this universe. They built a giant ramp and a wheeled vehicle jumped from it onto the moon.

After French won against USSR their massive need for rubber to manufacture wheels forced them to conquer all of Asia the next year and a decade later they conquered USA for their synthetic rubber manufacturing. They didn't stop until finally in 2020 WoT universe they conquered the world. Now everyone in the world loves onion.

Trains for some reason have rubber wheels and are 50% faster than trains in our universe. 

A new concept for 2021 vehicle was drawn. It's a giant wheel. Literally just a wheel. 

After enough scientific research a breakthrough was made. Wheels now grow on trees.



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