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56% wr, 1919 wn8 English speaker. Looking for clan wars group.

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Bitwise_ #1 Posted 07 February 2020 - 08:19 AM


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Hi y'all. I'm bitwise_. I just moved to the EU server from NA and I'd like to get into clanwars in future campaigns. I most likely won't be able to play the camping starting next week. I just bought the T-10 and grinding from stock, I don't want to torture myself rushing it.


I'll have the obj 277 soon and will start grinding to the obj 140 and EBR 105 after that. I would really appreciate some platoon mates to help grind.


Ign bitwise_ on EU and NA

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blood141 #2 Posted 20 March 2020 - 12:53 AM


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Hey Bitwise_,

We are the new and upcoming second clan for RDDT, we are building up to be a actif CW stronk and advance clan, good teamlpay but a enviroment where real life can come first.
If you have qoustions you can alway's contact me and we can talk about the qoustions you may have.



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