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Black Market 2020 : Type 59G

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otanku #1 Posted 10 February 2020 - 11:44 AM


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Hey guys, Im starting this topic to know your opinion to you guys about the Type 59G.

Well I don't care if you think if this is trash or not, here isn't the question. I was wondering about the number of tanks available.

If you don't know, every servers don't have the same amount of units available in the Black Market. Indeed, there isn't the same number of "active players" on each servers. Let me give you those informations ( source : https://fr.wot-life.com/eu/serverstats/  )


RU server : 1881155 active players


EU server : 866011 active players 


NA server : 110255 active players


Well, what's up you'll tell me ?

We can calculate the coefficient of each server compared to the RU server because this is the server which has the most players and got the most units of tanks in black market. Just know that we had 5000 units of tanks on RU, 1500 on EU and 300 on NA.


all coefficients :


RU/EU > players ≈ 2.17 ; tanks  3.33

RU/NA > players ≈ 17 ; tanks ≈ 16.66


Wargaming had to use a coefficient in order to not mess up with tank's rarity.

But its not really fair for EU server players. A correct value would have been 2000. And even if the coeff of NA is almost right, 300 is still very low.


Now you gonna say why doing all of this dude ? Just because a lot of players didn't win the auction even with a high amount of gold and also because this wouldn't have change anything to add only some units more. 


A lot players considered this offer as a scamming but there were still a lot of players who wanted this tank.


Now do what you want of this topic.


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Miepie #2 Posted 10 February 2020 - 12:08 PM


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I think the thought process goes a bit like this: they start of with the proportion of tanks the same as the proportion between players; they then conclude on the basis of at least ten years worth of consumer data that the European population is wealthier/spends more than the Russian population, so they add a bit of extra scarcity to make them spend more gold per person. Drinks were shared and a good time was had by all. :popcorn:

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