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hellhound6 #1 Posted 10 February 2020 - 08:00 PM


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Hey WG

Everything is good nice events new tanks but.

We have a lot of tanks in this game which haven't been changed after release many years ago.

Here is one of them : t-34-2

I am pretty sure this is the worst tank in mediums. 

What do you think how many times will be killed by progetto tier X if you are dealing 250 damage per 8.3second?

How can you penetrate with ap 181 tier X heavies or even tier IX?

Aiming time is 2.8 dispression 0.4

Can't snipe of course. No camo at all. No armor if you aren't top tier in battle.

Just tell us how can we play?

Even tier 7 wheed scout can [edited]this up in seconds.

Here is no place for an old tanks anymore after you release 2 guns and 4 bullet in 3 sec shooting tanks.

Maybe just move your [edited]and woork for some gameplay performance and don't think only about marketing?

My favourite tank was leopard 1

It was very hard to play 6-7 years ago.

Now i am just dont researching it because i know my survival chance is 10% after the first spot.

There are no maps to camp anymore. Most of maps are cities. Well its ok for heavies but cant play this broken tanks anymore.


Just tell me guys how often do you see leopard1 in battles? Or 121?

No one want to play a lot of old good tanks because its just impossible.

So you have to rework them or we will get very boring battles with only tvp progetto fv and so on.

Increase this maps in size or do something to balance. I remember battles were ending draw or last sec victories very often, now you are just fighting for 2-3 minutes.

You only have to go one direction because you have to. Heavies have their place to go meds have their place to go and wheeled spoters are running around.

In the past there was more creativity. Now just go and fight on the marked place and get gold bullets.

Balc0ra #2 Posted 10 February 2020 - 08:53 PM

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T-34-2 won't be changed soon. Why? Same reason as the Tiger II won't get buffed soon. As you might or might not have noticed. There is a new test server up that tests the new ammo. And those changes are why none of the tanks are getting rebalanced atm. As they won't do it until they are 100% sure what direction each tank will go in. No point buffing it now, then it's 100% useless again once the new ammo changes comes. So as WG have said several times. Once those changes are on live, then we will see changes to older tanks on high tiers.

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