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Balance, Gameplay, Tech Tree ideas

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Prezak1as #1 Posted 11 February 2020 - 04:49 PM


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First of all sorry for my english it is not very good , lets start with some EASY ideas


1) Wargaming must change the ammo but need to change and the ammo limit on special ammo in every tank 50% - 50% , for exaple IF the object 140 has 50 rounds give it a limit to 30 special ammo and 30 on normal ammo or HE shells


2) Change the balance by 2 tiers in every battle , for example tier 7 can play only with tier 8 or tier 6 , two tiers in every battle and not three (tier 7-8-9 in the same battle)

Change the matchmaking with the arty and the lights , we have the arty for support and not for one shot and garage and the lights for scouting , so the battle need 2 artys top and 3 lights top 


3) Make new categories in premium tanks for exaple , is6 normal premium , kv-5 special premium , defender rare premium , is-3A and object 703 mythical premium


4) Make the same for tier 10 tanks but only rare and mythical for exaple, rare for object 907 and mythical t-22 medium and REWARD tanks only for the missions for example object 260


5)Make event for the players to take this tanks for example GLOBAL clan wars (6 months every season like old clan wars 2011-2015) Two differend GLOBAL maps  with tiers 8 and 10 and if the clan and the players have the points and the token (victories by battles exept the entry area) will take a mythical tank BUT the clans who playing in tier 10 global clan war can not playing in tier 8 global clan war too ( they must choose between tier 8 global clan wars or tier 10 )


6) BAN all the premium categories tanks for the events .....ITS TO PAY TO WIN to playing players for example in frondline only with tier 8s premiums (progetto , defender , ebr , 703 and all the others ) so for the start all the premium tanks must be ban for every event and they can participate only in random battles


7)Clan wars - mythical tanks , frondline - rare tier 8 tanks + rare camo , Grand battles - tier 10 rare tank + special skin for tier 10 tank , Ranked battles - Bonds farming for improve Equipment


8)Change the tech trees BUT change them smart  you dont need to do collectible the t62a , you can make a new tech tree and new roles in russian mediums for example 


T8 t-44 / T9 t-54 / T10object 140 all with 100 mm cannon

T8 t-44 / T9 t55s 115 mm cannon / T10t62 medium 115 mm cannon


T8 object 430 tier 8 100 mm cannon / T9 object 430M 115mm cannon / T10object 430U 122mm cannon

T8 object 430 tier 8 100 mm cannon / T9 object 432 115 mm cannon (t64 prototype ) / T10t64 first tank 115 mm cannon


k-91 deleted all the line because is a bad line with many fake tanks , keep the object 416 as special tank tier 8 and the k-91V2 as tier 8 tank mythical(t-44-100 rare , t-54 mod 1 normal premium )




T8 is3 /T9 object 257 (is7 model 1) /T10 is7 130 mm cannon

T8 is3 /T9 object 278 /T10 object 279 140 mm cannon


T8 is5 / T9 is8 / T10 T10M 122 mm cannon

T8 is5 / T9 object 270 / T10 object 277 130 mm cannon (different play style for is7 )


T8 kv4 / T9 is4 122 mm cannon / T10 is4m 125 mm cannon

T8 kv4 / T9 st-i / T10 st-ii double cannon , delete the fake is3-ii and is2-ii


And of course delete all the object 705 line , because the object 705a is THE IS4 WITH BL10 CANNON (mythical tank easy)

All the tanks have differend play style and cannons


*** I have many ideas for the gameplay and the tech trees (russian, germany,american tanks) i am old player and this is my third account because i have sell the other two for economic reasons sorry wargaming about that



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Desyatnik_Pansy #2 Posted 11 February 2020 - 04:51 PM


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Hi, just want to point out I've edited the title to not be full caps. Try not to use full caps in the titles in the future. :hiding:

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