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Thanks WG for this Black Market, but... (the way of the auction).

Black Market Auction

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HJN #1 Posted 12 February 2020 - 06:52 PM


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So the Black Market is closed, and I got ask to beat it ( kinda rude) by the black dude.


Have to say thanks though, as I found it better than the last one.

No black colored tanks this time, but a good collection or rarity items, novelty tanks and stuff.

Even I went in on an offer or two this time around. Had to use some of all the (unused) gold I bought for the marked, last year  0.o


One thing I didn't like though, was the auction, - or rather the way the auction was helt.

I can see the idea behind it and think its a fresh new addition to the marked, but by keeping it closed, you are very very close to making it gambling, and if there is anything that should never be introduced into the gaming world, its gambling.

It is such a dangerous path to travel.


What I would rather have seen, was a more open approach, where we as buyers had an idea of what prize point we were dealing with, so we could make an offer based on fact and not only a guess.


The auction went like this: 10 tanks for sele. Starting prize = 10.000.

100 bidders. You want this tank, you really have to gamble. no matter if you are the first bidder or the last.


New auction be like: 10 tanks for sale. Minimum prize = 10.000.

100 bidders. You want this tank, you have to place a bid over 10.000 but only if you are amongst the first 10 bidders.

After 10 people have put in a bid, the next person inline will se a minimum prize of the lowest bid from the first 10 people. Lets say 16.000

This eleventh buyer now have an idea of what prize range his bid has to be in.


Player number 80, might see a minimum prize 32.000 but he can now make a conscience decision on, whether he thinks the tank is worth that prize or not.

He doesn't have to resort to gambling.


Pros and cons on this change.

Pros. - The auction will be more transparent.

Con. - Fewer people would probably make a bid.

Con. - Think people will wait till the last minute to make their bid, when they know more about the prize range we're talking about.

Pros. (for WG). - Actually think the prize will go up.

Con. - Fewer people will get the chance to win a cheap tank, as in current system.


I don't know. I just don't like the gambling aspect of the current auction.

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