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A criticism of the World of Tanks 'New Balance Test' update

sandbox World of Tanks balance test feedback criticism

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backmania #21 Posted 17 February 2020 - 04:44 PM


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The Kv-13 was probably removed because it's not so good, and it is Russian...

ValkyrionX_TV #22 Posted 17 February 2020 - 05:00 PM


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View PostM_Blox, on 12 February 2020 - 09:17 PM, said:




The new balance test will leave a negative overall impact on the game, but there are a few changes in the tests that I believe could be put into place in the live server without many issues, which would make the game far more enjoyable to play.

  • The improvements to tank health are a good idea, as it would allow new players to learn in an environment where mistakes are less heavily punished, and it would also allow games to last slightly longer in the higher tiers, with less one-sided short games.

  • The simplification of the tech tree for tiers 1 to 5 is excellent, as low tiers are not very enjoyable to grind through due to the statistical blandness of most low tier tanks, and the crew mechanics making it very easy for experienced players to have a massive advantage in the lower tiers. However, tanks from tier 6 and above do not need to be removed from the tech tree, as there is no reason for simplification of the tech tree in the higher tiers. Regardless of whether a tank is redundant or not, players will still enjoy playing and grinding for those tanks, and a lot of experience will be spent on these high tier tanks, so removing them without any form of compensation is almost fraudulent.

  • The artillery changes don’t fix the core issues with the class, but it will help to add more variety in the gameplay of artillery, to give players more capacity to perform well in their games and learn the advantages of their vehicle.

  • The ammunition rebalance, whilst done with good intentions, was executed very poorly, and without any form of tank balance being done at the same time, these changes will be disastrous when they reach the live server. On top of that, having a tank be exempt from the changes for no explicit reason is very confusing and unhealthy for the game.


There is potential with some of the balance changes, but it will not be successful if there is no individual vehicle rebalancing that occurs at the same time as these changes. Other changes need to be completely cancelled, as they would only reduce the game experience for the players.







-increasing the HP of vehicles is only good for tanks from tier 1 up to tier 6, increasing the hp of vehicles from tier 7 up to tier X makes no logical sense.



-the simplification of tech trees does not make any sense that it is done and no one has requested it and having many vehicles in tech trees has always been one of the advantages of WoT compared to its competitors such as WT and other games


-the balance of the arty is really mediocre and partial, the arty still play the most useless, hideous and toxic role of the game.
Introducing HE ammunition that does more damage for an exorbitant cost in credits but without stun is a clearly pay to win logic. Not removing the stun effect from standard ammunition is a big mistake and maintaining the toxicity of the arty at high levels, without the stun effect they would be much less annoying and balanced.
Re-introducing heat and ap with not too high alpha damage is an acceptable decision.
Do not limit the arty to 1 per team ,  maximum 2 arty per game is another huge mistake as games with 4 or worse 6 arty are something really disgusting for the gameplay.


-ammunition balancing [combined with hp changes] will lead to a total imbalance of the game and will allow many tier 9 and tier X vehicles to get rid of many tier 8 vehicles with just 2 or 3 shots, when the lower tiers cannot compete with upper tier armor you will find useless standard ammunition with more damage but the same penetration, they will be forced to spam special ammunition with reduced alpha damage that will not in the least intimidate the upper tiers given the HP buff.
This attempt to balance the ammunition, as well as for the ridiculous change proposed on the HE with 0mm penetration, are absolutely useless and decidedly dangerous changes for the game as we know it.



This sandbox is a desperate test of WG to give unheard answers in the last 3 years as we have not received real balances of the game in this time frame and now just to try to run for cover they are proposing ridiculous and really dangerous things when they should have think about it many times before introducing more and more armored and increasingly unbalanced vehicles at each level to increase the spam of premium ammunition [and seal clubbing as well] which obviously depend on the fact that if you have a premium account you can afford it, so the whole speech is the fault of the way to monetize the game by wg.

There are simpler and more effective practices to balance the game instead of upsetting everything, but it is evident that we remain unheard.

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