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RNG Taketh RNG Giveth

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Bora_BOOM #1 Posted 13 February 2020 - 11:16 AM


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Last night was the craziest RNG bad luck/good luck session in my 30k tanking career. The turnaround was like...wow.


Game nr. 1. - I just bought AMX30B, the first battle in it on Siegfried line. IS3-2 shoots me - set on fire. Extinguished. Next shot, second fire. BBQ-ed to garage.

Game nr. 2. - Second ever battle in AMX30B. Minsk. Progetto yolo-es me with a clip. 1st shot set on fire. Extinguished. 2nd shot two more crits. 3rd shot taken, second fire again. BBQ.




Ok, I said, s.it happens... Well, this huge doesn't, but you know... 


Game nr. 3. - Poking the ridge on Redshire, T57 Heavy ignored by my allies shoots me in the side. I was just about to go back - Cling - game exists to desktop cause wife sent me a photo and my Viber desktop app "steals focus" (and it does it on the first message only) - minimizes Wot to the taskbar and then pops-out on the screen. While I turned back to game ... Smoking wreck.


At this point... Just don't ask me how I felt and what I thought...


I said to myself, feck the baguette shooter. Let me Deathstar something to cheer up.


Game nr 4. - Steppes. I go down the corner bush on the lower side (the west side spawn, the one at the rails). Was a good game, enemies kept coming. I was on 5.6k-ish and 3 kills thinking there is no way I will get to enemy arta and t44 from the middle of the map with two of my allies already there and our arta waiting for spots. Ok, I said some other time...

But somehow, t44 escaping gets out in the open and I kill him. 4 kills 5,8k dmg done. Enemy arta appears behind a rock and enemy wreck 50 m away, I shoot and ... Missed. Ah well, my allies will kill him, arta is already reloaded. Nothing happens...


After 20 seconds of my reload, arta comes out again, this time straight into my Deathstar! WUUT? TY mister arta. BANG, killed him, game won.

Look at the score: that arta had only 22 HP more than I needed!  :P

6022 damage, 5 kills, and TD-15 mission with honors for T55A!




I bought the Deathstar on the black market cause of that mission - and got it done in the 9th battle. And got my 5 orders back. Obj 260, here I come. :justwait:


So yeah, don't cry next time about the RNG. If you need good luck just be sure to get set on fire twice in two consecutive battles. And have a woman to help you get clipped. :trollface:

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