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Looking for a clan for Dawn of Industry.

DawnofIndustry Globalmap

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Xolotl #1 Posted 13 February 2020 - 10:34 PM


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In game name Xolotl(EU)

WN8 around 2200/2400+ (Past 30 days 2500). 1700 overall (in the beginning i was quite bad).
February WOT rating 9k. Tier 10's : Object 430U, Object 260, Object 277, LT-100, Object 140, T-62A, IS-4, IS-7, Object 268, E100, Maus, E50M, Grille 15, Jpz-E100, Ebr 105, Amx50B, Batchat25t, Foch-B, Foch 155, T110E5, T57-Heavy, STB-1, WZ111 Modal 5A. T8's : Skorpain G, E75TS, Blackdog, VK7501A, Borsig, Object 252U, 703 II, Progetto, Lorraine, Patriot. and some more. About me, a Dutch player. Quite good at English, i think I'm quite chill. can get very competitive though. does well with the given instructions. 21 y/o Requirements: Looking for a clan that wants to do well on the worldmap preferably 7k rating, Though can be fun to talk too that's always nice. would also be nice if there are people who can still teach me things about the game, even with my 8 years of experience (thats not a boast k, i just love tanks.) DM'ing me in discord is fine too!
Discord Jagdpanzer#6823


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