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Sandbox Suggestions


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Han951753 #1 Posted 14 February 2020 - 01:38 AM


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Recently WG released their Sandbox called new balance. For long WOT has been known as a poorly balanced game and it is very nice to see that WG finally decide to do something against it. However, changes WG had made are not really making things better but somehow made things more complicated. So here are some of my personal suggestions to the Sandbox server, for example, the ways how I would change in the game.


First, increasing Vehicle HP, that is in most cases a rather clever solution, but for some specific Vehicles, for example, 279e, I95/Chiftan, 2684, artys and EBRs do they really need that extra HP? I really don't think so, by adding HP to those OP tanks, they are completely dominating the battlefield. For these vehicles, I will simply not change their HP at all so other players can at least have a bit of chance, taking them out with skills and act of bravery. 


Second, to the shell balance, there are also lots of problems. The Idea of making standard shells more useful is great, but the solution to this problem is however very unclever. Simply increase Standard damage does not really solve any problem. In fact, this creates more trouble. By doing such changes low tier Vehicles will have no single fighting chance against higher-tier opponents, especially with thick armour. Now low tier tanks will both die against high tier Vehicles and also lose a significant amount of credits. To this problem, I will introduce a new shell mechanic. Each shell type will have its own speciality. Among armour penetrating shells, Ap will do the most damage but having the lowest penetration. And just like all kinetic shells, it will also go through objects and spaced armour like it always do. APCRs is designed more for long-range sniping. It has a very good shell velocity and an OK penetration, the penetration for APCR will be a bit higher than Ap shells but not as high as HEATs. in exchange for better gunnery characteristics APCRs only do very little damage to an enemy target. HEAT shells will be primarily designed for close quadrant combat. Its damage will be between AP and APCR and the shell will be blocked by objectives and spaced armour, however thanks to its high penetration it can go through to some heavily armoured targets that no other shell types will be able to penetrate. By the way, the penetration loss caused by spaced armour will be significantly higher than the current one, something like 3-5 times higher. So if one wants to penetrate something with HEAT shells, they should be careful where they want to land their shells. For HESH shells we could try out a more interesting way. For example, HESH penetration will be angle independent. Regardless of the armour slope, HESH will always penetrate armour which is thinner than its calibre and will never go through armour equal or thicker to its gun size. HESH will also have no splash radius so if the shell hits the wrong place like spaced armour or tracks it will very much cause no damage at all. This will encourage players to know more of the armour layout and add more fun to the game. By the main time, this will also save those German and Japan steal giants from death. For HE shells, I will simply keep it the way it is in the life server. I don't see any problem with HE shells. It might be sometimes quite annoying, but this is also a very important fun factor in-game now. People are able to handle it. After changing the shell mechanics as these players should also be given the chance to decide with shell type they will bring in to battle and the price between all those shell types should remain ruffly the same. 


Third, arty balance. Personally I am confident that WG completely did not get the idea why artys are so hated in-game. After the arty rebalance even some arty players hate artys as well. The real problem by arty is that they always come in when you wish them to disappear and disappear when you need them the most. This problem can be solved by changing the shell type used by artys. For artys they should have 3 shell types, AP, HE and tactical. AP will have very high penetration and damage because artys do nor have the accuracy like other tanks, using AP is a huge gamble for arty players, the must first hit the target and then hit it at the right spot so the shell can penetrate. They should be reward with high alfa. HE will be something the same as the high damage HE shells introduced in the current sandbox with a bit smaller splash radius. The newly introduced tactical shells are the replacement of the current stunning shells. Tactical shells offer the effect of stunning however do no damage to any vehicle. Additionally, tactical shells also offer spotting against the enemy inside shell splash radius and simultaneously a friendly transparent smokescreen which you can hide friendly inside it against the enemy vision. By having tactical shells, arty will be much more active in the gameplay. They could provide three team useful things spotting, smoke and stunning, with only one shell type. 


These are mine overall fellings about the sandbox test server and the solutions I could come up with. I hope this article could be seen by more people and perhaps someone from the WG balancing and development department. I hope this will offer them at least some view from a different angle, because as the player base we all want this game to be better. 

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makrjc #2 Posted 01 March 2020 - 10:28 AM


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