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T-55A - no skill required, just luck lol

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FizzlePopBerryTwist #1 Posted 16 February 2020 - 12:54 PM

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I finally got it! yaaay! After idk 1~2 years. The harder i tried the closer i got, only to fail even harder...

and yesterday i was like "lets grind a few free XP to unlock a polish gun... eh... lets use AX, thats fun one and still got 5x


I just noticed i did the mission when the icon flashed up! (after casually shooting at Obj263 and foch from above) ... sadly i missed honors since the arti died too soon ;) oh well


Pretty much the same in the Amx13... 

I just stood there and was like "ok, lets close distance so my mates follow"


Next thing i know i spotted 4 tier 9+10 tanks standing next to another on a ridge line, with 60% of my team in perfect snpiping position by sheer luck. BOOM i had 4.5k instantly on the bank!

I spotted 1~2 times more after that and.,.. banked freaking 8,6k in the end... thats just lol!



Only one problem remains XDD


ITS GERMAN LOL? i had nooo idea... now i lack 2 of 4 crewmates being girls (the other ones are tied to russian X-meds)...... its glorious how i do missions only to fail in the end.

Same with the 12k block/dmg mission... i wasted an 'order' at, only to get the base completion with Maus (and Type 5) several times in a row, after never getting anywhere near completing it.


Srly. I could have tried all year long. And the few times i just went into battle, NO EXPATIATIONS WHAT SO EVER......... i suddenly got them. Like the game took pity on me or was like "eh, if you dont get angry, its no fun to tease you anymore :[" ..... the RNG gods are unpredictable in their ways.


Kinda reminds me on the 'Hithuikers guide' about how to fly: just throw yourself onto the ground, but miss... (and dont think about it, or gravity will notice!) 


So my advice: don't bother. Don't try. Just let random decide about your faith. 

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TheJumpMaster #2 Posted 16 February 2020 - 03:48 PM

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