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New Balance will not make non-SPG-players any happier

New Balance SPG arty PING AP

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BoGustavus #1 Posted 18 February 2020 - 10:33 PM


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"Artillery as an Essential part" you say. Nope, it feels like anything but that. To non-SPG-players these changes makes no difference at all as SPG will still eat HP from a hidden location and to SPG-players all the changes does is bring in more options that most players will use only early. Picking the right ammo in SPG is a 30-60s decision to be made in a game with shorter and shorter matches, tricky, will most likely make players just decide on the cheapest ammo and go all in on that.


Also, New Balance SPG-AP is very expensive for almost no gainings at all. With the games worst dispercion stun is still important to slow the enemy team down and gain more XP, New Balance SPG-AP just doesn't bring anything to the table here, bring it up to its old glory and it might be worth!


A good feature for all player classes would be to let any SPG-shots PING across the minimap for any SPG-player to see. This will force SPGs to more actively move around and it would make it easier for SPG to fight SPG, effectively keeping their shots away from heavys/TDs etc for a while. THIS will make SPG-gameplay more fun to SPG-players and it will make other players a bit safer.


* Make SPG-AP affordable, cheapest or buff alpha massively!
* PING SPG-shots on minimap for all SPGs to see

* Do keep old HE, for all classes!

unhappy__bunny #2 Posted 18 February 2020 - 11:14 PM

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Please feel free to use the pinned SPG Discussion thread.


Or even the Suggestions thread if appropriate. 

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