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Fake bushes

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Mr_Dayne #1 Posted 21 February 2020 - 02:49 PM


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Why in the everloving [edited]do we have fake bushes.


The most known are of course the bushes on Fisherman's Bay, where the North spawn get fake bushes you can spot through, and the South spawn get's good bushes.

Apparently, the bushes on D2 on Mines, by the boulder in that section of the map, don't exist either.


I just had a moment against a 430u in my Standard B, where I was in the bushes and behind the boulder, and he was in the waters, hiding in a dent in the cliff side.

What happened was, I got spotted and then shot at not even 2 seconds later. the 430U hit me twice like that. You have to remember that sixth sense doesn't go off until 3 seconds after you're spotted.


Meaning that me, in the bushes and with solid cover, got spotted and shot by the russian medium without camo cover. 



Fix your [edited]bushes, Wargaming, or don't bother putting them there. With [edited]like that, this game may as well be a [edited]beta game.

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