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Returning player looking for competitive clan to learn from (2000 WN8 Av.)

looking for clan 2000 average WN8 skirmish experience

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WestWood_98 #1 Posted 22 February 2020 - 04:03 AM


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Hello tankers,


My name's WestWood_98. After a long break from the game (Quit in 2017, returned in winter event 2019.) I'm looking to jump back into the action with a new clan! I currently am grinding my way up the tech trees of the new vehicles added to the game since 2017. I've been playing the game since May 2012.  I currently own a variety of tier X tanks including but not limited to M48 Patton, T110E5, Cent. AX, Obj. 140 and more. I'm also days away of getting the Obj. 430U and EBR 105 as i've been told these are the most competitive tanks currently excluding clan reward tanks. I've been getting an average WN8 of 2000 with recent stats ranging from 2000 to 2600 and old recents ranging from 2800 tot 3200. More info on my wotstats profile. 

Some personal info: I am a 21 year old currently living in the Netherlands, I speak fluent English and Dutch and currently a student. My playtimes are very flexible. pretty much available every night and in the weekends. I'm a competitive gamer trying to improve myself everyday to reach my ultimate goal of getting average unicum stats, Though i'll always fancy a Jg Pz E100 fail platoon to have a laugh with some platoon mates! 

Now that i've told you what i can offer I currently have only two demands i'd like to see fulfilled:


1. A competitive clan actively trying to participate in clan wars activities.

2. A friendly community of likely skilled tankers preferably within the 2000+ WN8 skillrange willing to teach an old dog some new tricks!




blood141 #2 Posted 20 March 2020 - 12:45 AM


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Hey westwood,

We are the new and upcoming second clan for RDDT, we are building up to be a actif CW stronk and advance clan, good teamlpay but a enviroment where real life can come first.
If you have qoustions you can alway's contact me and we can talk about the qoustions you may have.



Helium_boy #3 Posted 25 April 2020 - 12:12 PM


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Hello, I have taken a look at your stats and I can see that you are a team-player and you are advancing. I am a player with over 9 years experience in this game, have managed Global Map Campaigns, have had been interviewed in articles explaining map tactics and have been field-commanding in top clans. Now I started a international clan (part of the NYSM community) and would like to have you as may clan mate. If you are interested please reply,


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