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New Clan looking for active players

new clan active players decent players good players etc

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philosopheon #1 Posted 22 February 2020 - 10:45 PM


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Hello everyone,


I am looking to reestablish a new clan in which i wish to have at least 30 active players so i can do two teams for CW and 3 teams for tier 8 and 10 strongholds. I also wanna make it a place to call home, i mean somewhere to be free to say whatever you want and feel good. I wanna it to make FUN but also to perform in competititve ways.


My requierments would be at least 1500 WN8 recent average above 1500 and for tanks:


at least 3 competitive tier 6 cromwell, t34-85, t37 or any other good light,

at least 3 competitive tier 8 is3 *(defender, is5, is3A, patriot, t32) // Progetto M35 mod. 46 (Lorriane 40T, pershing, centurion/strv/ etc ;), Ebr or other lights

at least 3 competitive tier 10 is7, 277, wz5a, obj 140, super conqueror, e4, e3, STB1, maus, 60TP


If i see at least 10 active people wanting to build something new with me i am going to make this happen.


I hope that i raised the interest of people with this post i also am open to discussion in the game, ts or discord.


All the best,

Phil H. Grey. 

Also if all things go well i wanna make this clan to be at least in the top 150 for the beggining. 

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