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Xp on tanks that will be impacted by the tech tree changes

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botobeno #1 Posted 29 February 2020 - 01:15 AM


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What's going to happen to the xp currently on tanks where the further research path is affected by the changes?


Some tanks might become elite after the tech tree changes, and changing that xp to free xp costs gold.

Some tanks might path towards different tanks after the changes, and the xp they have might become kinda useless to you if you're not interested in those.


How firm are the current tech tree changes? Can I start making decisions based on them or should I wait a bit longer?

Miepie #2 Posted 29 February 2020 - 02:01 AM


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The lower tier plans look pretty streamlined and consistent across the different nations where it comes to splitting off the mediums, heavies, TDs and arties, so I guess those will go ahead anyways? No idea about the higher tiers stuff though. How much difference will removing a single T-62A from the tech tree make? (plus: the Russians are screaming loudly about it according to some).


They said that if a tank is (re-)moved from the tech tree and you have it researched, the vehicles that can currently be researched from it will be automagically researched as well. I hope they will stick with this, and be consistent. No idea what happens to xp on a vehicle when the next vehicle in line gets moved elsewhere instead of being removed, though. Which is why I just started trying to add 31k xp to the 32k xp I already have on my Cromwell to unlock the Setter before it gets moved. :popcorn:

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