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3D Skins + Preset Styles & Camo

Developers WarGaming Exterior 3D Skins Camoflage Styles Idea

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TheGozd #1 Posted 29 February 2020 - 06:39 PM


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So we got the rewards for the recent Clan Wars Campaign Dawn of Industry.

I have received my Graphite Style for the Object 907 which I received in 2016. This is my first 3D Skin.


I won't hesitate to say that this Graphite Preset Style looks totally awesome. 

However, after I have inspected it in Teamtraining it just felt like something was missing.

After I thought about it for a while, I was like hold up: the paintjob attached to the Graphite Preset Style is just the standard Russian tank paint.


Now I came up with an idea. How awesome would it be to put Preset Styles and Camoflages ON a 3D Skin. So the 3D Skins shall not be classified as ''Preset Styles'' anymore, but rather as ''Skins''.

As an example: I am proposing the possibility of Graphite Skin + Conqueror Preset Style or Graphite Skin + Clan Digital Summer Camoflage.


This would be really awesome and shouldn't cost as much word since the skins are already made and the camo's and styles are already adjusted to fit with no bugs (like uncovered parts of the tank) on the tankmodel. Since WarGaming spend so much attention at the ''Exterior'' tabs the last 2 years I figured this could be a great addition and I think highly appreciated by the playerbase and people who like their tank to look nice (like me).


I hope that a WarGaming Developer sees this post and may propose this idea to staff who makes up with Exterior related topics.

Best regards,


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