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[-DEER] Royal Deer with Bow-Tie

clan stronghold advences campaign gold

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HardtMan_AZE #1 Posted 01 March 2020 - 07:03 PM


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Hello commanders!

We are looking for players who has these features;

- Statistically
    - Recently (Last 30 days. We don't like seal clubbers.) 9+ avg tier with 2600+ DMG and 2700+ WN8.

    - We don't give a duck about your overall account stats (if your tier X tanks have good stats as overall that is enough).

- Personal characteristics

    - Proactive plays. (This doesn't mean that you are free to not listen the commands.)

    - Self-reliance. (When a commander gives you a task [we don't give anyone impossible tasks]  you need to say that "i can do this".)

    - Merit

- For EBR mains;

    - Don't suicide for ANYTHING if commander doesn't say. (Even for any arty, we need you alive.)

    - Drive well and fire in the right moment while auto aiming enemy ebrs.

Who we are? What do/did we do as a clan?

First of all we are a Turkish based clan. Most of our players are Turkish but we can command people in English. We do not distinguish Turkish players and foreign players. If you deserve, you get what you deserve. We have been playing actively for 6 months as DEER. Most of us were playing on SIGUN clan before.

What have we done in our first campaign as DEER?

- 37th place overall, 1st place in Turkish clans.
- 78 people got reward tanks out of 78.

- Max province record : 17.
- Max personal point : Papa_DEER : 109,714
(109th place overall)

- Winrate : %64.73

- Max Elo Rating : 1510


%72.85 Win rate in Tier VIII SH.

%81.67 Win rate in Tier VI SH.

%65.62 Win rate in Tier X SH.


We are waiting you.


Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd_Mwe-q9d4VX2uacWWWAzg

We are new at youtube (Musics are just for prank. LULW)


Note : If you can't join our team speak try to use VPN. There is something wrong and we can't fix it.


WOT LIFE : https://wot-life.com/eu/clan/-DEER-500181401/


Team Speak : DEER.tssunucusu.com (v.3.1.10)

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HardtMan_AZE #2 Posted 03 March 2020 - 08:15 PM


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