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Ruining the game

chieftain 279e ebr tier10isshitnow

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C4nn3D_H34T #21 Posted 04 March 2020 - 04:59 PM


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View Posttajj7, on 04 March 2020 - 03:15 PM, said:


Then like I said its very hypocritical to be messaging a guy playing a Chieftain saying he is 'ruining the game' because he plays his reward tank, whilst you play the uncounterable, no skill clicking machine from base, which ruins the game way more than a handful of OP reward tanks every will.


Chieftain and 279e are annoying, but at least if the person plays badly, overextends etc. they generally tend to die and you can counter them, if I play a game I at least have a chance to kill a Chieftain, if he is not positioned well its actually pretty easy, but a player like you, needing little skill or knowledge can safely click on me all game from the back of the map, with zero risk and I can do nothing about it.


Which IMO is massively more broken than anything else in the game and hilariously lacking self awareness on your part. 


I am not particularly happy with multiples of any vehicle in a game, I don;t think game works well when there multiple TDs on each team, multiple arty, multiple lights, multiple too good heavies etc. It creates poorly balanced gameplay. 


But I would much prefer to face 3 EBRs than 3 arty for the simple reason that I can see where EBRs are, they are hard to play and I can counter them, none of which applies to arty. In short EBRs are IMO balanced, they have some very strong abilities no doubt, but they have plenty of weaknesses as well and there is clear counterplay against them, again something that can't be said about arty.


As for the 279e and Chieftain, well I think both are OP and should be nerfed, but I could hardly say they are 'ruining the game' like you claim, there are barely 5k 279es on the EU server and about 10k Chieftains.


65k people own the CGC, and that is just one of 5 tier 10 arties, over 200k people own the two 183s HESH spamming tanks, 157k 430Us, stuff like that is far more numerous and easily as impacting on gameplay as those two tanks. 


Those two reward tanks are OP, but a much bigger fuss is made about them than the actual impact they have, in part IMO because they are hard to get so jealously and resentment makes people exaggerate about them and make a bigger fuss about them.  



i appreciate your thoughts and understand your opinion on arty.  For me they have always been there.  It would be hypocritical of me to hate arty yet still play it, or same for the cheiftain.


I understand some people might hate those who have tanks that most cannot attain, but that is not my point.  I regularly see these tanks dominating pub games with opponents having no chance/little chance of defeating them.  I have NEVER seen an arty dominating a game in the same way, they are lucky to come mid table in xp/dmg.


I guess arty has made some people leave the game.  I guess 279es and chieftains will make others.


It is always a challenge to defeat a more skilled player, but when they come with all round better tanks than you as well... you know the story!


Maybe I am just sad after 8 years gamplay to feel that tier 10 is not enjoyable any more. 

ExclamationMark #22 Posted 05 March 2020 - 11:57 AM


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Unique thread, props to OP for thinking of this. :great:

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