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New Chinese tech tree branch suggestion

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Alpha_snake #1 Posted 05 March 2020 - 03:09 AM


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Overview: Now some of these might be decent, some of you might consider these to be potential game killers.
But I want to say that we already have tier 8's, 9's and 10's that have an average pen with standard ammo well into the 280s to 300s.
190 pen and below with recent additions like the defender and similarly heavily armored vehicles such as the Japanese superheavies, is becoming more and more impractical.
That some decisions in this branch might be considered a necessary evil. I also feel like if some or all of these ideas are properly tested and implemented might end up making the Chinese tech tree played more often again.
Though I can see that a lot of the old guard and wargaming might be very hesitant, I believe it's possible to balance these tanks to a degree.


Tier 8:Type 69/79

Turret:Type 69-IIA
Gun: 100mm Type 69-II
Tracks: Type 69-II
Engine:12150L-7BW V-12 diesel – 580 hp
Radio: Type 889

Turret: Type 79
Gun: Type 83 105mm Rifled Gun
Tracks: Type 79
Radio: A-220
Engine:12150L-7BV/BW diesel 730 hp



My opinion on this tank: Though the prototype versions of type 69 feature a 100mm smoothbore main gun, so I had to go for the production version of type 69 to base the type 69/79's stock configuration around.
This tank would the beginning of the type 85 branch of the Chinese tech tree, branching off of the T-34-1 at tier 7.
with decent armor and a punchy gun, the 105mm could be balanced by giving it lower ROF and poorer overall gun handling or by making it get into tier 9 and 10 games more often.
But you would be getting a tier 8 that can use a tier 9/10 gun no earlier than tier 8. which could make it unique in comparison to another tier 8 medium tanks, also keep in mind we already have tanks like the defender in-game.


Tier 9 Type 80/88
Turret: Type 80B
Gun: Type 83 105mm Rifled Gun
Engine:12150L-7BV/BW diesel 730 hp
Tracks: Type 80B
Radio: A-220

Turret: Type 88A
Gun: Type 83-I 105mm Rifled Gun
Engine:12150L-7BV/BW diesel 730 hp
Tracks: Type 88B
Radio: A-220B




My opinion on this tank: A step up from the type 69/79, the type 80/88 would have fewer modules to research but it would get access to the type 83-I.
The latter of which is an improved tier 10 variant of type 83 105mm rifled gun. mobility and protection wise it might be seen as a bit of a downgrade in certain areas.
But that is offset, at least in part by the tier 10 type 83-I main gun. though overall it's armor for tier 9 might be either average or below average for its tier.

Tier 10: Type 85
Turret: Type 85
Radio: A-220B
Gun: Type 83-I 105mm
Tracks: Type 85
Engine:12150L-7BV diesel 730 hp



My opinion on this tank: Now like with the 69/79's stock gun, I had quite the challenge finding a variant of the type 85 that did not have composite armor nor a 125mm smoothbore gun.
the early prototype version of type 85 prior to the type 85-I was the best I could find with the limited information I could quire on the internet.
combining the type 80/88's the hull, powerplant and running gear with a new welded turret and a 105mm rifled cannon. I feel that the type 85 prototype would feel right at home at the top of this new tech tree branch.
though I can understand that some detractors might consider this tank a potential elephant in the room. But I had to find a tank to fill out the top of this branch of the Chinese tech tree.
And this was the best I could find without going to China.


Tier 8/9 Premium:Type 69
Gun: 100mm Type 69 Smoothbore
Turret: Type 69
Tracks: Type 69
Engine:12150L-7BW V-12 diesel – 580 hp



My opinion on this tank: Now I know people both within WG.net and within the world of tanks community may consider the addition of an early 100mm smoothbore gun as an elephant in the room. But keep in mind that the standard APFSDS projectile of type 69's experimental 100mm smoothbore gun's penetration is no better than the AP round on type 59.
With recent additions like the defender an similar performing premium tanks such as the STRV S1 and Defender, I feel that the 390mm pen HEAT shell and high velocities of its HEAT(1,00 m/s) and APFSDS(1,504 m/s) rounds might become necessary on this tank to combat some of the more well-armored additions to the game. we already have the FV40005 and 215B(183) TD's as prime examples of high pen, high alpha damage tanks at tier 10.
This tanks 100mm smoothbore can be balanced by giving it worse dispersion vs type 59 but also making the type 69 100mm smoothbore guns average damage no better than the t-54 first prototype. By either making it tier 8 or 9 premium tank in the war bonds shop(so players will have to earn this tank vs straight up buying it).

NekoPuffer_PPP #2 Posted 05 March 2020 - 03:11 AM


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Type 69?



Nishi_Kinuyo #3 Posted 05 March 2020 - 07:54 AM

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Oh yes, lets put modern tanks in the game. :facepalm:


No smoothbores, and no composite armour.

tajj7 #4 Posted 05 March 2020 - 12:25 PM

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So basically a line of 121bs? 


Not sure there would be much point, the Chinese tree is not that popular at the best of times, partly because it's bad in most bases, but also because they are basically clones of Russian tanks.


I think if any nation probably should have another medium line it's the US tech tree, loads of options there (though WG keeps using them up with premiums and reward tanks). 

Gkirmathal #5 Posted 05 March 2020 - 04:47 PM


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Let Wargaming first seriously look at and re-balance the disregarded existing medium and heavy tech tree tanks. These have 'mostly' been left disregarded since 2015-ish?


Let them address that first and then invest in creating new content for this tech tree as the practice should be for the whole game.

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