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59 Patton vs TL-1 LPC

59 Patton TL-1 LPC LPC TL-1 TL1

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Poll: 59 Patton fix (5 members have cast votes)

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Is WG going to fix at least buggy mantlet on 59 Patton to make it at least some competative?

  1. YES, WG has some integrity and want to fix buggy product sold to customers (0 votes [0.00%])

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  2. NO, but WG will offer you to buy another 20 new premium tanks to play with (5 votes [100.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 100.00%

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celeb2k #1 Posted 07 March 2020 - 07:44 PM


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Hello tankers


maybe you have missed 2 similar concepts in overwhelming waves of premium tanks.   Turret from Patton (original vs new) and the lower tier hull.  

The same HP, view range, tank traverse, forward speed,  reverse speed, ...

Almost the same penetration, DPM, concealment,  terrain resistances, turret traverse, ...

Significant differences:   alpha dmg: 250 vs 280 (compensated by ROF),   power to weight ratio:   14.3 vs 18 (not compensated anymore)

Main difference: TURRET

buggy turret 59 Patton


59 Patton:  buggy model with huge central mantlet area with 115-120 eff. armor +  GIGANTIC TUMOR

TL-1 LPC:  190 eff. armor central area + MUCH SMALLER TURRET


buggy central area + gigatumorfixed central area + small tumor


These 2 tanks in the current state should separe tier.   One is much more mobile, has MUCH smaller tumor weakspot and fixed central mantlet area.   It offers higher alpha, higher gold pen (280 vs 250).   Great wiev range and poor concealment is the same for both, but still TL-1 has a bit better concealment. 


According to https://wotcharts.eu/ is 59 Patton currently the worst tier 8 medium tank.   It's very rarely seen on battlefields these days, coz it is closer to tier 7 with performance than tier 8. 

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