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Char Futur, AE I or 777?

Frontline Reward Vehicles Epic Normandy

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Poll: Which to get (if you have none)? (122 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battle in order to participate this poll.

What is your order of preference of the Tier IX reward vehicles (2 options)

  1. Char Futur 4 + AE Phase I (62 votes [47.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 47.33%

  2. AE Phase I + Object 777 Var. II (22 votes [16.79%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.79%

  3. Object 777 Var. II + Char Futur (47 votes [35.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 35.88%

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WindSplitter1 #1 Posted 10 March 2020 - 11:44 PM


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They seem somewhat lackluster... Especially the French one with 4s intra-clip reload.


Your thoughts?

Archaean #2 Posted 10 March 2020 - 11:54 PM


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char futur looks like the most interesting tank out of all the tanks here.

tajj7 #3 Posted 10 March 2020 - 11:55 PM

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AE Phase 1 to me (not played it, couldn't be bothered with last years grind) looks the most effective, its essentially a Conqueror pretty much with some minor differences. Which also makes it not very interesting as an option as it pretty much does what a Conq can do. 


The Futur 4 looks potentially the most fun, but not that competitive, probably average but lacking compared to a Standard B or Skoda T50 because of that intra-clip, and not really offering a pseudo light option like say the Bourrasque because its quite big and the camo is ok but not amazing.


Surprisingly the Russian tank looks the worst to me, so so mobility (though they have buffed it), poor gun handling, average alpha, average DPM and well the armour looks quite good against lower tiers, but pretty meh against same tiers and higher.  Roof can be overmatched by guns bigger than 150mm (and there is a lot to hit) front of the turret is like 250 effective in places which means most tier 10 guns will go through with above average pen rolls, and the lower plate again will trouble tier 8s but not many tier 9 and 10s. For a tank that seems to give up most stuff for its armour it seems thoroughly mediocre at the moment.


Have to remember though it'll be 4 months before anyone can pick up the newer two, so they might change before then. 


On current stats, as I have none of them at the moment, and if I pick up enough tokens, I'd go for the Phase 1 and the Futur 4, as the 277 just looks like a frustrating tank to play. 

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leonzawodowiec15 #4 Posted 11 March 2020 - 12:29 AM


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AE Phase because it's pretty much a Conqueror with awesome Renegade gun. Not only is it a cool looking tank, it's also very good tank in capable hands. It's a great pick, definitely 300% better than 777.

Comparison to Conquerorhttps://tanks.gg/tank/ae-phase-i/stats?cs=conqueror

Comparison to Renegadehttps://tanks.gg/tank/ae-phase-i/stats?cs=renegade


Char Futur 4 because it's a mix beetwen Leopard and BC 25t. It's a autoloader sniper with very good, accurate gun and excellent mobility. People complain about 4s interclip but I assure you that soon there will be people that will cry about this tank being overpowered because most of good players will get it. RagingRaptor made a very good video about it, I recommend to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iLwZGKa1RU


Obj 777 v2 is a mix beetwen T-10 and Obj 257. Unfortunately, a very bad mix. It has a potato gun, average mobility, weak armor (https://imgur.com/a/K6doXdR) with only 1 ok feature: good sidescrape capability (only if people don't know about turret ring weakspot https://imgur.com/a/D0HZBrU). Definitely tank not worth bothering. 

Comparison to T-10https://tanks.gg/tank/obj-777-ii/stats?vm=live&cs=t-10

Comparison to Obj 257https://tanks.gg/tank/obj-777-ii/stats?cs=obj-257

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Balc0ra #5 Posted 11 March 2020 - 12:32 AM

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777 and AE are more or less already in the tech trees. As in a worse M103 and a tiny bit better T-10. So their styles are the same. Char Futur is the only one sticking out as different, as it's so un-French.  As it has 8 times more turret armor then his French paper equals. And an accurate clip gun, thus the long intra clip time I suspect.

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MeNoobTank #6 Posted 11 March 2020 - 12:34 AM

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IDK either the Object bcz it is an Object or the AE Phase but they both looks boring and not really worth the grind.

Spurtung #7 Posted 11 March 2020 - 02:09 AM

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I won't vote because there's really just one option to me.


However, I'd go with AE and 777 if I didn't have one already.

DaniulSims #8 Posted 11 March 2020 - 02:12 AM

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If you want to be competitive, get the AE. The Char 4 is more of a novelty - so I'd take that as the second option.


The 777 just looks boringly average.

Robbie_T #9 Posted 11 March 2020 - 02:58 AM

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Already have the Ae phase 1 (good tank!)

so i will go for the other 2 .

Maauru #10 Posted 11 March 2020 - 07:16 AM

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AE Phase 1 for me.


I could use USA HT crew trainer as I only have T14 which isn't much of fun tank. My T57 Heavy crew could use some additional training and will need crew trainer for T110E5 crew once I decide to go for it.

For Russian HT I will only need to train crew for Obj705A once I decide to go fot it (already have good crews for IS7, Obj277 and ST-II) and I already have 3 x Tier8 Russian HT crew trainers (IS-5, Defender and Obj 703 II) + some low tiers.

For French Mediums I dont need crew trainer as my both BC25t and AMX30B are good crews without neeed for some crew training.


So, that is why my priority is AE Phase 1 (didn't play much Frontlines last year to get it).

falcon_96 #11 Posted 11 March 2020 - 07:24 AM

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Unless the 777 gets buffed somehow I'm going to pick the French med first, then the AE.

From the reviews of the 777 I've watched on YouTube the only remarkable thing about this tank is how amazingly unremarkable it is!


gitgud_cannot #12 Posted 11 March 2020 - 07:25 AM


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most likely phase 1 for me as well and if i manage to get all the tokens - 2nd will be char futur.

phase 1 is a priority, just because it has more value to it, considering how much of an grind it was to get it before and its actually a good tier 9.

char futur, just because its completely different from anything in tech tree, 777 is just a soviet version of 50tp.

splash_time #13 Posted 11 March 2020 - 07:28 AM


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AE Phase 1 & Char futur 4.


Best options, AE has DPM, turret armour, gun depression and good accuracy. 

Char has accuracy, penetration (the thing that T9 b-c doesn't have) and mediocre armour.

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View Postgitgud_cannot, on 11 March 2020 - 09:25 AM, said:

char futur, just because its completely different from anything in tech tree, 777 is just a soviet version of 50tp.


A worse 50TP, it doesn't have 50TP's alpha or DPM.


Comparison of AE, 50TP and 777


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Jauhesammutin #14 Posted 11 March 2020 - 08:46 AM

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I think AE is the best one of the bunch. It's still worse than a Conqueror 

Char Futur looks the most interesting one. Not really competitive but the tank I'd go for after AE. (Wouldn't go for AE if I had Conq.)

Obj. 777 II looks the most boring one. Generic Soviet heavy with nothing special on it. If you don't have Soviet heavies then maybe go for this one.

SuperOlsson #15 Posted 11 March 2020 - 08:52 AM

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Already have AE Phase 1, so definitely char futur 4 first, as it seems to be more interesting than the slot machine jackpot! Will probably have all 3 by the end of the year as I like both frontline and steelhunter.

undutchable80 #16 Posted 11 March 2020 - 09:01 AM


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Already have the AEP-1, and I most likely will only be able to get one of the two new tanks (new baby incoming in summer). Char looks different enough playstyle wise, but from what I have seen in CC reviews is that its a high-skill cap tank, and I am a Dinger n00b, so therefore I am leaning towards the 777. ;)

ZlatanArKung #17 Posted 11 March 2020 - 09:02 AM

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Obj 777 II because it definitely looks best out of these 3.

Wintermute_1 #18 Posted 11 March 2020 - 09:31 AM


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Have AE and not remotely interested in the 777 which basically means playing FL and Steelhunter at the pace I want to, not the 'forced' pace WG want you to play, for the Char.

tajj7 #19 Posted 11 March 2020 - 09:36 AM

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The 777 is so bad I suspect WG will buff it again before release. I think the old IS-8 was better. 

Jumping_Turtle #20 Posted 11 March 2020 - 09:51 AM


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Have the AE and to keep my sanity I only go for one tank this season, so level 10 for 6 out of 8 episodes is enough. Since I have plenty of Russian heavies already I will take the Char Future.

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