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Marder 38T: really good, but sometimes really bad

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TankBuzzsaw #1 Posted 12 March 2020 - 02:48 PM


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So I bought the Marder 38T to try it out and I thought about keeping it forever, because it's a good TD in my opinion: good alpha damage, good penetration, it's camo values are okay and it's quite fast on repositioning on the battlefield; but sometimes this TD manages to miss shots even with full circle on a target: for example, your dot is on the enemy target frontal hull, your circle encloses 75% of your target, but the shot decides to go completely bonkers and to land on a rock on the upper left side of your target (excuse me, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?).

I know there's always the RNG factor at work, but I was wondering if the particular structure of the tank could contribute on that regard, like the fact that how the gun is mounted on the Marder 38T hull produces a considerable amount of recoil everytime you shoot (and you can actually 'feel' it everytime you aim through Sniper mode). What do you guys think?

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