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[Idea] - Surviving Tank models/skins in real world used in-game

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CrazyWelshy #1 Posted 13 March 2020 - 10:19 PM


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Considering there are many tanks and museums around the world that that still surviving, and thankfully being restored, curated and used as educational pieces for the public, I've had an idea that could benefit both the museums, and Wargaming at the same time.  This could also give us all some extra loot for us avid tank collectors.


We have many vehicles in-game and an ability to apply camouflage, paint and decals to it.  Some are historical but others are there for personal customization.


I propose that we take the real world surviving tank models, down to how they look, damaged or not and have the ability to apply them to vehicles in the game.  For example, we have the Sherman Firefly in-game, but it doesn't look like the one that resides in the Bovington Tank Museum, what if we could apply a skin/model officially in the game that makes it look like the vehicle as faithfully as practically possible?  This would increase customization and pay homage to the wonderful work the staff at the museum does for us.

Link to Bovington's Firefly: https://upload.wikim...ington_2014.JPG

Link to in-game model: https://i.ytimg.com/...xresdefault.jpg

EDIT: I realise the Firefly Vc in-game is a close representation, I propose non-premium tanks getting a makeover too.


"How does this benefit the museum and Wargaming?"


What if Wargaming worked directly with the charities/museums/private individuals, where you can donate money either through the Wargaming Premium Shop, or the Museum page, and it will allow you to purchase the new tank models.  This will give an extra revenue stream for the charities, and Wargaming can take a modest commision for the service in their premium shop.


I've just watch The Chieftain talk about the Jagdpanzer IV and how there is the surviving prototype and how it looks slightly different.  That could be interesting to be available as a skin in-game.  This will also free up the need to design and balance entirely new tanks where we're already a little saturated.


TLDR:  Let's have an option to donate money through Wargaming to tank museums/charities to get new skins/models for tanks in the game.



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