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How to mark a tank that just doesn't like you?

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leonzawodowiec15 #1 Posted 18 March 2020 - 11:18 AM


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EBR 105. I truly hate this thing. We've got a very toxic relationship. Sometimes it's so good that I can't stop playing (In one 2 hour session I went from 63% back to 80%) and most of the times I wonder "Is this tank all about luck and I'm not having it?". After 700 games in it I've got myself to point where I just hate playing it. I'm insanely inconsistent in this thing. I can't get through second mark and I can't find a way to make this tank work consistently. What am I doing wrong? 


It's like I always flip or drift on a weird rock in the most unfortunate moment, my HE never penetrates other EBR's like other EBR's penetrate me (the RNG trolled me to point I just gave up using HE all together), I'm having the worst map rotation possible most of the time (Mines, Abbey, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Tundra), usually my teams die so fast I can't even reload fast enough to make my goal demage, my teammates miss what I spot most of the time, enemy EBR's seems to always have better accuracy and rolls, enemy lights very often yolo me like there is no tommorow, enemy artillery has some weird luck and very often hits me on full speed (I've got one-shotted by T92 7 times on full speed) and enemies for some reason hit me more than they miss me.


Unicums, is there something I'm doing wrong with this tank or it's just some cursed tank for me? Do you also have those tanks that everything trolls you in? What should I do? How to mark a tank that just doesn't like me? 


My stats: https://imgur.com/a/3WN3KV4

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Zmago5000 #2 Posted 18 March 2020 - 11:42 AM

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View Postleonzawodowiec15, on 18 March 2020 - 11:18 AM, said:

How to mark a tank that just doesn't like you?


mpf1959 #3 Posted 18 March 2020 - 01:23 PM


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How to mark a tank that just doesn't like you?


Spitefully, and with a permanent marker! ;)

TankkiPoju #4 Posted 18 March 2020 - 01:43 PM

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Take a screen shot, and add some gun rings with photoshop.


Win win!

DuncaN_101 #5 Posted 18 March 2020 - 02:36 PM

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Forget about it and move on?

TungstenHitman #6 Posted 18 March 2020 - 05:18 PM

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Git gud?

vixu #7 Posted 18 March 2020 - 05:21 PM


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I typically mark such tanks by selling them.

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