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Cukrius #1 Posted 19 March 2020 - 04:27 PM


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Hello everyone and welcome!


This is a brand-new discord gaming community server in search for people who are seeking for help or those who are willing to help others in any subject.


""A gaming community with purpose in mind - overcoming our depression, sadness, suicidal thoughts and everything else that is going on with our souls.

Everyone from around the world is welcome here, with or without a depression.

This is a place where you can take off your masks, snap them in half and let it all out, all the things you have been holding up till now and have been dying to share with someone.

We are not here to judge each other but to make a difference, make others realize that there are more people like us, living their lives in isolated worlds, hoping, that someone will eventually find us and understand us."


Come and share your stories or help someone in need.

Invite others to play with in your favourite game!



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