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More historical 3D skins.

3D skin skin customization

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Sindragosa_ #1 Posted 21 March 2020 - 03:10 PM


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I would like to see more historical 3D skins for historical tanks in the future. We have quite a lot of 3D skins in the game now, from the last Xmas, Xmas before, ... now they are selling more, you have some in battle pass, ... 


You could say any tank with 1 prototype built is historical, but when I mean historical, I mean 3D skins for WW2 vehicles, or 50s 60s vehicles, inspired by historical looks of the tanks or something like that. Hope you know what I mean. 3D skin for IS-3 inspired by egyptian army of 6days war looks amazing. 


What about 3D skin for Tiger I, inspired by Tiger of Otto Carius


or inspired by history 3D skins for


Tiger II, StuG III, Vietnam war based skin for Sheridan + maybe even skin based on desert shield/storm (51 sheridans were deployed), Pershing, T34-85, SU and ISU-152 (zveroboy/beast slayers), Skin for Centurion 7/1 or AX (even tho it was prototype) based on Israeli tanks, Something made up/with WG imagination "would be historical" for Chi-nu, Chi-ri, skins for tier X mediums that are basically second generation MBTs - Leopard I, AMX 30B, STB-1 (type 74), CAX, ... Like even if few players would buy these skins for tank X, Y, I believe this would please fans of history. 


I know you can just look for skins on internet, but I personally would be willing to buy the official skins for all the tanks mentioned, if the price was decent. And prices for these skins could be like 750 gold as the camo sets "school" "assault" "ranger" you can buy now in customization menu, or as they would be 3D, maybe 1K gold. If the price was higher for lets say tier 8s, 9s, 10 I would not mind, but lets be honest, current price they were selling those skins was/is awful. Like "spike" skin for IS-3.

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