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QDND Is now recruiting

Clan Stronghold advance discord teamplay International

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Darkmissle #1 Posted 22 March 2020 - 06:12 PM


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We are a new and rising clan
Recruitment status: OPEN
[QDND] is an international clan.
We aim to play SH & later on participating in CW.
WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Good stats (see below)
* Ability to play in a team and communicate in English
* Active SH & CW participation
* Decent recent WN8 (2000 or more WN8)
* 1800 WN8 overall & more than 50% winrate - alternatively 4000 WN8 combined
* 2500+ DPG on tier X tanks (gunmarks are an advantage)
* Minimum 3 tier X tanks: Obj.140/907, Obj.277/260, WZ 111 5A, EBR 105/T100 LT, S.Conq/Chieftain
* Tier VIII tanks: Non-garbage premiums
* Competitive gameplay, platoons
* Tier VIII & X Stronghold battles, aswell as occassional clan wars and advances If you are interested in joining ,
* Contact one of the following recruiters: Middelpunt (Devin)#5193, WalkingInTheAir ( Ray )#8490, Delanodb#7587, HugsOverDrugsSs#9625, jeffrey(jefles)#2521
* Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/3FAQQBy

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