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Suggestion regarding daily missions.

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CheapSoap #1 Posted 25 March 2020 - 07:42 AM


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Hi Wargaming,


I hope someone bothers to read this suggestion as i've tried to send some feedback through a ticket, and the guy from the support team sent me here.

My suggestion is rather simple, its not game-changing such as removing wheeled vehicles, or ban arty players for just playing artillery - i'd suggest to implement something that would give a feeling of receiving the rewards from the daily missions, much like the previous system did.


Nowadays I don't get the feeling that i'm receiving something. For example i had 2 missions with blueprint rewards (the most valuable ones imo), and i wanted to see for which tanks i received blueprints, however i forgot to check right after the battle, started new one and at some point this game got lost in the log. Receiving rewards does not feel exciting by any means, and very often you dont even realize that you just received a reward.

I think it would make your players happy if you try to implement a simple animation showing the rewards you earn, right after the game where you earned them is finished.


Thank you,




Makroros_The_Arty_Magnet #2 Posted 25 March 2020 - 11:55 AM

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There You go, play it whenever You accidently miss a reward:


Just for You, nobody else.

ValdeNorth #3 Posted 25 March 2020 - 12:04 PM


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Hi guys,


I concur - most is just disappearing.


Another suggestion is - give us rewards like loot boxes (we love loot boxes :) )

- And finally, how about giving us some extra mission now we are forced to stay at home, don't have to be super rewards, just to make things a bit more interesting.



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