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illegal mods

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DB9V122000 #1 Posted Yesterday, 07:16 AM


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So we all know about illegal mods and that basically if you use them you get banned. i have been playing in high level clans for years and i did not meet people using any, but sometimes i join skirmishes of smaller clans from the same nation as me to help them out. so basically what concerned me was that within the last year at least i met several players, using illegal mods. they admitted it. more specifically, tundra, aim bot, destruction on minimap or all of them together. of course i had to gain their trust for them to talk openly about this (their clans knew already) so a fair amount of them told me this. ''i pay <<this>> mod pack it is 10 euros per month. i use it for years and never been banned'' (i am not saying the name of the mod pack but most of them used the same and never got banned)  so fellas any thoughts about this? 

1ucky #2 Posted Yesterday, 09:27 AM


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I'd say something completely harmless about the topic but I won't cause I think that would be against the rules.

(Rule number whatever: ~"No discussion of illegal mods." )


Therefore I'd advise you to maybe better delete the topic, or else you might risk being banned for this. (I see absolutely no bad intent here, just saying better be safe perhaps.)

Edited by 1ucky, Yesterday, 09:27 AM.

mpf1959 #3 Posted Yesterday, 01:22 PM


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people that cheat is like someone paying the stud to shag a woman for them. WhyTheF would anyone do it?:amazed: They only cheat themselves at the end of the day, I may be crap, but it's all mine! :girl: 

_SpartanWarrior_ #4 Posted Yesterday, 04:24 PM

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This topic is against the rules but I don't know...

Nishi_Kinuyo #5 Posted Yesterday, 05:31 PM

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So... how good were those clans when they started using it, and how good are they now?

Think that'd be an indication on the practical value of most illegal mods.

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