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Rankeds are perfectly balanced with no exploits.

ranked broken

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Ilknur_Ibryam #21 Posted 28 March 2020 - 08:44 AM

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Well, when queuing you can note what tank classes are on the queue. There is a reason why there are twice more lights and arty waiting.in a queue than anything else. Then its meds mostly botgettos, stbs and leos, who usually sit behind the arty and wait for arty to spot to do damage.


The mode is broken. I played mostly heavies and to tell you I barely block damage. And no the reason is not gold ammo it is arty damage, lack of other heavies on the line up and lack of people team mates on the map. 


There are some major flaws.

First number of arty and.ebr must be limited to max 1 per team.

Second there should be no chevron retaining or winning if you lose the game. Also the winning team should be all getting chevrons.

The mode should be encounter so the OP base camping spots have less of an effect.

Lastly preferably it should be reduced to 10v10 or 7v7

And wishful thinking should be tech three tanks only.


Regarding the winning team gets chevron, losing team losing. Game performance is not only measured in stats. There may be a guy blocking an entire line via spots or armor and.making it hell for the other team to advance. However this is not really calculated in experience. 

For example I had numerous games in Murovanka holding 5-6 tanks alone in SQ while my team farmed them slowly. I managed only 2 pens, because of safe play and lost my entire HP pool on arty. Does it mean I contributed nothing for my team. Heck I d say I was a huge factor for the win.

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1ucky #22 Posted 29 March 2020 - 01:12 AM


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View PostBulldog_Drummond, on 28 March 2020 - 01:44 AM, said:

It is a mark of insincerity of purpose to spend one's time in looking for the sacred Emperor in the low-class tea-shops


#DarnGame :P


But I also like the saying that if you can't find the Emperor up high, it makes sense to search for him down low. :)

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