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_Xina_ #1 Posted 22 April 2020 - 08:02 PM


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is it ok to use Promods or you can be ban

Gruff_ #2 Posted 22 April 2020 - 08:24 PM


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View Post_PARASITE__, on 22 April 2020 - 08:02 PM, said:

is it ok to use Promods or you can be ban

The only mods you should be using are from WG's official approved mod hub here https://wgmods.net/?link_place=wotp_link_main-menu

dvivb #3 Posted 27 August 2020 - 05:07 PM


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Grampahun (10:11:03 μμ;) gg

Grampahun (10:11:05 μμ;) nice aimbot

Grampahun (10:11:16 μμ;) where can I get the same?

Grampahun (10:12:20 μμ;) ?

ΕΓΩ(10:22:09 μμ;) a ufo gave it to me

ΕΓΩ (10:22:21 μμ;) if u want i can get u in touch

Grampahun (10:22:27 μμ;) just tell the link where to get it from

ΕΓΩ (10:23:01 μμ;) another smart that doesnt know how to lose

ΕΓΩ (10:23:28 μμ;) if u dont learn then u want get better

ΕΓΩ (10:23:46 μμ;) so stop blayiming

ΕΓΩ (10:23:49 μμ;) others

ΕΓΩ (10:24:02 μμ;) and work urself

ΕΓΩ (10:24:26 μμ;) good luck man

Grampahun (10:31:35 μμ;) no mate

Grampahun (10:31:48 μμ;) you use a good weakspot mod

Grampahun (10:32:15 μμ;) I want it too to be as good as you shooting modules and crew with all shots

ΕΓΩ(10:33:54 μμ;) ok man

ΕΓΩ (10:34:10 μμ;) the link is ufo com

ΕΓΩ(10:34:17 μμ;) no hope

Grampahun (10:34:30 μμ;) c'mon... we both know you are cheating

Grampahun (10:34:40 μμ;) let me have equal chances

ΕΓΩ (10:34:42 μμ;) wep man

Grampahun (10:34:49 μμ;) tell me your mods

ΕΓΩ (10:34:52 μμ;) u r too smart for me

ΕΓΩ (10:34:58 μμ;) got me

ΕΓΩ (10:35:03 μμ;) welldone

ΕΓΩ (10:35:29 μμ;) the earth is flat man

Grampahun (10:35:33 μμ;) no

Grampahun (10:36:00 μμ;) c'mon...give me your mods

ΕΓΩ (10:36:34 μμ;) man find a woman

Grampahun (10:43:42 μμ;) dude...

Grampahun (10:43:47 μμ;) why are you selfish?

Grampahun (10:44:07 μμ;) are you afraid of I will be as good as you or even better with your mods?

ΕΓΩ (10:53:07 μμ;) yep u find it

ΕΓΩ (10:53:21 μμ;) i am afraid

ΕΓΩ (10:53:25 μμ;) of u

Grampahun (10:56:42 μμ;) well...just tell me

ΕΓΩ (10:57:10 μμ;) i m afraid

Grampahun (11:03:10 μμ;) c'mon man

Grampahun (11:03:14 μμ;) tell me already

ΕΓΩ (11:07:19 μμ;) ok but u want tell anyone

Grampahun (11:10:08 μμ;) why do you care?

ΕΓΩ (11:16:26 μμ;) only if u dont tell

Grampahun (11:18:55 μμ;) tell who?

Grampahun (11:19:01 μμ;) I play alone

ΕΓΩ (11:19:31 μμ;) promise u dont tell

Grampahun (11:34:47 μμ;) tell who?

Grampahun (11:34:54 μμ;) as I said I play alone

Grampahun (12:03:56 πμ;) ???

Grampahun (1:45:06 πμ;) ???????

ΕΓΩ (1:29:08 μμ;) promise first that u ll be a good boy

Grampahun (3:19:05 μμ;) surely I will

ΕΓΩ (5:20:08 μμ;) its not surely, i see u like unnormal

ΕΓΩ (5:20:32 μμ;) so promise that u ll be a gooood boy

Grampahun (5:27:49 μμ;) promise

ΕΓΩ (5:33:23 μμ;)https://tinyurl.com/k9xthe6

ΕΓΩ (5:34:10 μμ;) easy man, dont fall in to it

Grampahun (5:40:10 μμ;) what the hell do you want me to do??

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