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Well you made this tank worthless but you can at least get this right

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panzerpenguin #1 Posted 28 April 2020 - 04:43 PM


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So this is about the Covenanter, me and my mate used to play this tank before the change a good bit and it was possibly one of the must fun tanks i had ever played with 200 damage clip with a 5.5s reload, which made it a fun and powerful tank if you know what you were doing but after this last patch with it going up a tier and with no changes in stats just makes it bad, you get out classed in a fight by everything at its tier and god help you if a tier 6 or 7 finds you as now the 200 damage a clip gun has too low of a pen to deal with 6 and 7 tanks  so you have to use a 2 ponder gun with 78 pen which is ok i guess but 50 damage which means it can take a god dam age to kill anything eg 7 shots to kill most arty at its tier, but well if you take the time to turn one of the most fun and enjoyed hidden gem of tier 4 into this pile of crap at least can you model in the gun marks to show i have become the master of this waste of steel.


I do apologise as i sure this dose not make any sense so just look at the image https://imgur.com/gallery/ryKICJz    

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