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Better MM / Commend system

MM Match Making Teams Commend system

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cptKremic_SRB #1 Posted 29 April 2020 - 06:28 PM


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Greetings tankers,


As you all know, the game is available to everyone but unfortunately it's not meant for everyone. The skill base on EU server is disgusting and more and more games end up with 15:0 or something very similar. Playing Tier 10 vehicles I noticed a decrease in game quality over the years and I have a possible idea that could improve those scenarios. Since we have the option to Report players or block them while in game, we could also have a system that would award a player's good game or behavior thus setting them up with the other same behaving players in the upcoming matches. Something similar has League of Legends with that commend type system or even GTA V with toxic lobbies. At the end of the game or during the game, if we find that some player was helpful, playing very good or whatever positive thing you can imagine that someone does in a game, we commend them for their behavior thus helping them get better MM in future games. Also, of course, if someone was not so good, helpful or toxic we can simply give them a thumbs down. When you have enough thumbs down you get matched with same minded sobs and then you can ruin each other's games until you decide to play competent and get enough thumbs up to level up to a better MM. Nowadays, mixing players that have 70k+ games with players that have less than a 1k games with bought Tier 8 premium tanks, playing in tier 10 is unimaginable and it becomes very annoying trying to play a game and enjoy after work.

This was off the top of my head, trying to improve the game i love and i play for so long. If anybody has any suggestions please, let me and WG hear them. Maybe we can all improve this thing once and for all.


Best Regards


odie345 #2 Posted 04 May 2020 - 06:17 AM


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WOW - what an absolute elite statement, lets take all the ones that are not as good and group them together and all the ones that are really good can play better games. I can understand why you say its off the top of your head, if WG went this route then the game would die within 3 years. If you do nothing to nuture the younger or inexperienced players they will get bored and just give up, you will then end up with just a few thousand UNICUMS playing the same games over and over. A simpler way to stop the corruption of new players buying a T8 premium would be to only allow purchases from tiers the you currently play. For example - if you want a T8 premium you must have already unlocked a T8 tank of any nation first. The problem with that is that WG would lose too much money for them to make that an option. WG bleats on about making the game better for everyone when in fact they want to make it more profitable for themselves. Light tanks are now obsolete due to the introduction of wheeled vehicles that tankers struggle to hit, they run through the map exposing all the enemy tanks and can be accurate with a fast loading gun that they can take out tanks 2 tiers higher than themselves. The imbalance between tanks means that only a handful of tanks are worthy of researching and the WG will imbalance it further by taking a good tank, alter the statistics of said tank to give it better armour, better gun, more power, faster reload, better aiming or a combination and any of the above, call it a premium and get people to pay real money for it. There is no real way to satisfy everyone, any given game will not last forever, WG are just trying to eak out as much profit as they can from their games until the bubble bursts.

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