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I had a plan...

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The_Salty_Kipper #1 Posted 03 May 2020 - 10:46 PM


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Ok, so I usually prefer to run British Medium Tanks, and I have a few tanks that dropped when opening  Xmas loot boxes , however, to complete the Campaign Missions, I have to play various tanks from differing nations..  


So I had a quick look at what Type and Nation I needed, and what was available (using coupons if necessary) to speed up the process. (To elaborate, I don't wish to have to grind out a new line up to tier 8, since you mostly need to run a tier 8 to complete the missions) and The T-43-3 was on sale, WG made it sound great, and so I opted to purchase it. It is a premium tank, so I could also gain credits whilst completing missions , win/win right?




The T-43-3, it would seem, has 2014 stats and WG didn't bother to update them to a 2020 game.. shame on you WG.  I originally thought, 390 Alpha, wow, but didn't see the 0.44 dispersion, that's KV-2 like..  (it's more like the Defender though).. and they also forgot to mention that Tier 6 guns can set you on fire with one shot (no broken fuel tanks, just boom.. oh you are on fire..) added that the lower plate has more armor than the upper plate is also a fascinating fact.. 


However, the tank has a few redeeming qualities, low profile, decent turret armor (doesn't face tier 10s) reasonable manoeuvrability and that high Alpha (if you can hit your target). 


Anyway, after realising that I needed my own 'fireman Sam' I hatched a cunning plan.. 


A Crew book for 250k XP per tank crew, costs 2m, and the little T-43-3 earns credits, right, so just earn 2m silver, buy a book, update the crew, rinse and repeat, easy-peasy quick Fireman crew..   lolled..   On the 4th crew skill 250k ONLY adds about 7% , a lousy 7%...  a lousy 7%... So now using Crew XP boosters, and buying books, I am trying to grind a 100% Fireman crew, on a Medium, before I have Repairs, or Cammo, just so I don't burn 850HP when set on fire by a dumb T6 ... 




Something happened, after playing this little tank for about 100 Battles, I actually began to like playing it, its a B*tch of a tank, it trolls you, It can't snapshot, it manages to fire at the exact spot where the reticule doesn't cover the enemy tank, it likes to BBQ itself and it NEEDS to be fully pimped, I mean with either Bounty or Bond equipment, permanently run Food, JUST to make it viable..  sheesh.. 


So guys, tell me, what tank do you like to run even though it's a troll tank that totally frustrates you, doesn't have an easy-mode, but you just keep on going back to it?


And why ?


(for me, its trying to get to 2 MoEs and that feeling you get when you finally have a really decent battle and you feel you have the right way to play it, until the next battle begins.. haha )

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