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cant download update nor the game it self

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skarbonke13 #1 Posted 08 May 2020 - 12:03 AM


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basicly i run into trouble trying to get the update wich started to download and then after few % freezed and thats it.  stayed like that for couple of days,sometimes it picked up to do something at a speed of 2KB/s, and then you i get the mesage that my connection droped to zero and thats it. done all the check and repair things,firewalls,ping and other suggested things by WG support but nothing works. can anyone help on this? its not my ISP cause my brother next door using same internet and dont have this issue,for some reason its on my pc only. i can download any other game no problem but not wot for whatever reason,and this started after i build this new pc,on the old i one never had such problems with updates. before it used to dowload updates in minutes but now not even starting,and game center crashes kinda,have to close with task manager. please help ;/

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