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when you are useless but you could avoid it

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rostf #1 Posted 09 May 2020 - 10:15 AM


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This is my first post/topic, because of this I wanted to make it a topic.

I never wanted to post in this forum as I considered playing the game for fun and I wanted to keep distance from forums but today my cup got full and I gotta spill my frustration here.

I don't have anything against RNG, I consider it part of the game and it makes game more intriguing.

I don't have anything against playing vs +2 Tiers and I don't have anything against the fact that you can be matched against 3 TF95 / 279(e), while having 0 of those ridiculous tanks (especially 279(e)) and I also don't have anything against the fact that lately I get 2 Meds vs 3 Meds, 4 Heavies vs 3 Heavies, 3 Jag PZ vs 2 Grile 15 + 1 Strv, part of the game.


BUT what I do have something against is the way that YOU are, either willingness or not capable to consider each team's WTR after 15 players are being chose.

I am soooo tired of having 9 (2-3K personal rating) in my team vs 9 (4-5K personal rating) in enemy team, these are the games that end up 0-15, 1-15. 2-15 etc - you get my point.

Hasn't this been already brought up to discussion? Is it really that hard to make a system that calculates the personal WTR and balance the teams instead of just picking the tank  type and overall HP to be +/- 500 (tier 10 talking)????


Shame on you!!!

A customer and a player,

unhappy__bunny #2 Posted 09 May 2020 - 10:28 AM


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Welcome to the forum. 

My personal opinion is that WG staff who deal with the game's construction do not read forums so will not see your post.

Also, it would be possible to construct a MM system that takes other factors into consideration, how difficult I don't know, but it could mean longer waits to produce teams. If you try to balance teams by tank class and tier and then Ratings, you need to balance the ratings of Top HTs, then the Top MTs etc, then the same for the other tiers, otherwise if only the overall Rating matches player will still complain. 


Now, with my moderator hat on, I have to point you to the pinned MM discussion thread. 

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