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New player obssessed with improvement

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mikeyspud #1 Posted 11 May 2020 - 11:57 AM


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Hello all,


I am looking for a clan to play with. I see a lot of clans have requirements that I do not fulfill - and I'm fine with that. My account was made in 2012 with only ~700 games. I stopped playing in 2013 (I think. It was a long time ago) and have picked it back up again and only played ~150 games since then and my stats [edited]suck lol. I have always been obssessed with improvement - especially in video games.


Despite not meeting many requirements - I hope that someone is willing to take a chance on me. While I think I understand the surface level mechanics, I lack the foresight required to predict positions, understand map flow and overall meta. Things like that are likely only obtainable through expeirence. But expierence takes time. And I am obssessed with improvement.


Would a clan be willing to take my under their wing and teach me the game? I think I am asking a lot, but you dont get without asking lol.


I think my biggest strengths include;

  • Keeping a cool head, especially in 'frustrating' games
  • Critical. Not the kind of person to blame the game and will rather think critically.


My native language is english (scottish), I am 22 years old and work full time as a Cyber Security Engineer


Thank you all



TijgernootTank #2 Posted 11 May 2020 - 02:35 PM

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Hi Mikey ,

U would be welcome in our clan .

We have no requirements regarding winrates for joining clan .

We ask from members social behaviour , interaction with other members , and support for clan if any activity would be planned .

Will try to make you a better player while at same time maybe less obsessed with improving .

We are pretty small but have some active members willing to spread out wings .


              cheers .

Zombie_Researcher #3 Posted 11 May 2020 - 08:10 PM


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If you are thinking about platooning up or clans then maybe 1-QDG is for you??

A little bit about us...….

We are not a new clan but have recently reformed after a short time away, we have member from all over Europe and speak predominately English.  We accept players of any age and skill level and currently have 2 new players that are learning the ropes and one has just got his first T6 from the tech tree and the second is just playing his first skirmish with the clan (not essential).

We are not bothered too much with stats we just would like active players with zero toxicity, it us up to you whether you just want to be a social member or a competitive member of the clan (currently we do Tier 6 skirmishes, with a view to progress to T8 in time).

We use TeamSpeak for Comms and toon most nights either as a 3 man toon or teams of 2/3's.


If you think we could be a good fit for you, please let me know here or in game or check us out on the clan portal.


Happy hunting



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guil_86 #4 Posted 12 May 2020 - 07:44 PM


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Hey Mieky, we might be just what you are looking for and don't care about stats. We have a few fellow scots too.


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