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[MSTIC] recruits now!

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Dziki_Spider #1 Posted 15 May 2020 - 12:12 AM


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"Capitulation is an attempt to save everything but honor" - Napoleon Bonaparte


Hello tanker, since you have appeared on this page it may mean only one thing that you got bored of playing lonely in World of Tanks in random battles and you are looking for a clan that will offer you a level game where you can see the mix and play together.




The clan was founded thanks to the cooperation of players MisterR_Pur3_SkiLL_20Cm and TwojMentor who decided to do something for players, not just for themselves :) We actively participate in CW, Advance, Global Map, we also play fortresses on X, VIII and VI We decided that it was time to open up to people from outside our country, which is why we tried to create an international squad for campaigns whose level would match the Polish squad That's why we invite you to participate in this project :) There are people of different ages in the clan, we do not judge people by age but by their behavior and skills in the game.


Achievements : 

About 60 tanks in the "Fire Trail" event

Large amounts of gold

War games: 

Large amounts of gold from war games: (from 600 to 1000 per tur)

Gold earned on 07/08/08/2018 (1710 gold per person) played in 1 squad


https://imgur.com/ExuD4qE - 1 game round (770 gold)

https://imgur.com/3JewJi8 2 round of games (940 gold)



  • Joint platoons, tournaments
  • At least 3 bonuses per day for cash + others
  • Participation in the global map on tiers X and VIII
  • Giving away gold for participating in the campaign + attacks
  • Level, commitment and tanks from the campaign
  • TeamSpeak3 for you and your friends
  • Numerous competitions for VIII and gold



  • recent at level 3 thousand wn8
  • possession of tier eight vehicles
  • minimum 4 playable X (with +3000 dmg) (Required tanks:  Ob 907,  Ob260,  Ob277,  T95 / Chieftain,  Ob279 (e),  ebr105,  Leopard 1,  STB-1  AMX 50,  T110E3)
  • Optimal tanks: ( IS-7,  Ob 430 U,  Ob 140,  Strv 103B,  ConquerorGC /  T92 HMC,  G. W. E. 100,  T110E4,  VK 72.01 (K),  TVP T 50/51)
  • attendance at ts3 from 18:00
  • no limits on cubes, active participation in gold is envisaged for the most active.

If you would like to join the ranks of our clan, write to one of the people below or visit our TS3, we guarantee that you will not be ignored.

Interested? Check us, welcome!


If you are interested write to us! Don't delay. (TwojMentor, Call_Me_KIT3K, KUNA__Warrior, Balek_WeTakeThose)

 TeamSpeak  ts3mstic.voice24.pl


If you don't meet the requirements and would like to learn something, I invite you to our second MSTIL clan

>>>>>>WOT Clan Page<<<<<<


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