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Improved Consumables- Discuss Opened!

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Poll: Improved Consumables (10 members have cast votes)

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Is it a good idea?

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_SpartanWarrior_ #1 Posted 15 May 2020 - 08:46 PM

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I have an idea for the game (suggestion) but it might be stupid
Improved consumables,cost double the price,but double the better
example: Improved Big Repair Kit, does the same function but cooldown is 75/80s instead of 90s
Improved Oil, boosts ur engine by 10% instead of 5%
Rations do 15% crew boost instead of 10%what do you think?
They would cost 50% more than their original counterpart, not for gold,not for bonds.
(Voting topic)
EDIT: I do not understand how is it P2W but it is yours to vote :)
EDIT2:I will unlock the topic for discussions on 24th May!
EDIT3: Opened for discussions 2 days earlier.

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