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Finally figured out a practical use for all the crew skins: marking zero-skill crews

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Tiera_Nieranpoika #1 Posted 16 May 2020 - 07:27 AM


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I dont know if anyone else find this useful, but I realized it bothered me that I couldn't recognize / remember all my zero-skill crews.


Then I figured that I could use all the crew skins I've gathered to mark zero-skill crew members. So if there are any crews that have zero-skill ability, I label them with crew skins. This way, if you ever decide to retrain some zero-skill dude to some  another tank that you feel needs it more, you'll recognize these special dudes more easily.


Anyway, maybe someone else will find this useful. I'm quite a whale and I have quite a bit of both crew skins as well as zero skill crews, so I found this idea to be useful. Now I can keep track of which crew members are the most valuable. (I just counted - I think I have around 60 crew skins, counting nation-specifics and non-historicals altogether. I remember the last merit system used to give out A LOT of those.)


Before this, I just threw crew skins around to some meme tank crews but I never really paid much attention to crew skins. Except Sh*tbarn having a full horse-crew, of course. That was a must-have.


I have a thing about trying to have some efficiency in how I organize stuff in games. I get a kick out of it.


Another tip that some newer players might find useful: get a habit of using your consumables always in the same slots, in the same order (depending if you have some sort of default set-up, some tanks might have it differently). This makes it easier to for your fingers to remember in which slot / button you have the medkit tied to, in which you have the repair kit and fire extinguisher, etc. for example.


My "default" set-up for example is [medkit] -  [repair kit] - [auto extinguisher]. The last slot might be a large medkit or repair kit as well, depending on the tank. I have a mouse macro for that slot, so that's my "panic button".

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gunslingerXXX #2 Posted 16 May 2020 - 08:33 AM


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Good idea with the crew skins. I might have used it had I known it sooner, I don't really want to check them now, anyway most of my 0-crew is female or special character anyway as I've never bought 0-skilled crew.

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