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How long do you think


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Pathethicc_Noob #1 Posted 21 May 2020 - 07:27 PM

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It will take them to adress that not small ammount of tanks that just suck. Because interview with mister Biletskiy (this is nothing against him personally of course), just confirmed me that WG is truly incompetent in terms of game balance (like I needed to watch it to know this :D  ). Like ofc, with so many tanks it aint easy to balance them all properly, and even if they did some massive rebalance some tanks will be always better than others, but seriously all that WG does is - promises and excuses. Oh so they buffed Leo and STB, and sometime ago made article about possible E-100, IS-4, E5 buffs - after how many years? 


What about chinese mediums line that is now just sooo bad. Oh you see, we know these tanks have their issues, but we need to collect more data. 

Ok so what about Flipoverwagen. eeeeh, we need more data.


And why this takes you so long? Eh, comrade, people dont play bad, trash, garbage tanks, and that means we dont have data about them. 


Because people not playing horrible tanks doesnt mean they suck and were powercreeped to oblivion. WG logic comrade ! They clearly have to collect data. Collect data about trash tank for 5 years, then we might consider to buff it. Meanwhile you can enjoy this game in its current state. DA comrade we very good game developer blin !


Even that EBR talk was a total joke. We now see that they are overpowered (oh really?). We have some possible plans what we could do about them. It was clear that especially the tier X EBR 105 is OP as F and is able to totally break some maps, it was clear after few months, to everyone except WG. Same with bobject when it was introduces.


Clap clap WG you are truly amazing. But we prefer to gather data and think and test, and buff vehicle only when we think it will be good. We dont want to overbuff or overnerf something that we would have to work on the vehicle again and buff it or nerf it again in short time. Like WTF?


Welcome to world of online games/MMOS Wargaming.

Snagfang #2 Posted 21 May 2020 - 11:20 PM


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Because the dynamic of the game has become so unbalanced (particularly the speed of the battles) Some tanks are becoming unplayable - almost obsolete.
I have tanks that I don't play anymore, simply because by the time they've caught up to the battle, it's practically over.

DeBanus #3 Posted 22 May 2020 - 01:12 AM

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Well it's Wargaming we are talking about, so it will take them 1,5 year to "nerf" the EBR's which won't be sufficent ofc.

Same for the so called buffs for a the heavy tanks you mentioned, which are completly shite atm and absolutly not worth to play at all.


But I guess we can expect a tier 8 russian premium tank and day now!

Gremlin182 #4 Posted 22 May 2020 - 01:24 AM

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You make it sound like all they have to do is sit down at a computer and go ok add 3mm armour here increase pen by 15 decrease dispersion 3% ok next tank decrease engine power from 600 to 550 reduce armour here and here by 10mm ok job done next tank and so on.

Everyone knows there are things that need changing and they all have different priorities and different ideas as to what needs changing.

Its not something you can do in a days work and no one is going to spend weeks or months making changes that make things worse or are just not effective.


Personally I don't believe you can balance tanks there are just too many tanks and too many variables.

All you can do is watch what everyone is playing and the way the tanks are performing and buff or nerf accordingly.

Similar thing with maps what where players go most often and where they ignore, change the map to make obvious strong areas less strong and unattractive areas more usable.


Play the stronger tanks ignore the weaker tanks

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