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_NFTG is recruiting!

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Alexai27 #1 Posted 26 May 2020 - 10:21 PM


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_NFTG is recruiting!

Clan portal URL:


About us:

We are an English-speaking clan, with a friendly community, playing and having fun together, without forgetting the competitive aspect of WoT. After a period of lower activity, we're now back on tracks looking for a fresh basis of active players, willing to participate in clan activities and active both on WoT and Discord. Step by step, we're getting a stable amount of active players and we're already doing Skirmishes and Strongholds on a rather regular basis. We're also organizing fun clan activities, such as mini-games, challenges, competitions among clan members, from times to times. Some of our most dedicated players will always be ready to help others become better in the game and we might do some training sessions as well, if requested by members.


- Having a minimum of 1000 recent WN8 and 49% recent WR (with a somewhat clear improvement)
- Around 3k battles as a minimum
- Correct English required, both written and spoken
- Having at least 2 T6 meta tanks, as well as 1 T8 meta tank, for Skirmishes (exceptions can be made)
- Being able to obey basic rules in clan games, such as not talking over field commanders, disrupting people with irrelevant information, etc
- Being on Discord is mandatory, as well as having a working microphone
- Last but not least, respect, kindness and a mature behaviour are required, both towards clan members and other WoT players. Drama, insults, toxicity and inappropriate conducts of such sort won't be tolerated

If you're interested in joining usor if you have any questions, feel free to contact Da_mechanic, Skyestar, Darkshado or Alexai27


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