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[_PZF_] clan looking 4 players

recruitment players clan

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vex75 #1 Posted 27 May 2020 - 12:43 PM


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What we are?

  • players from all over the world (UK, Egypt, South Africa, Europe, etc.)
  • mature group of players of all ages
  • players can do their own thing, as long as they take part in Skirmish’s each week, the more the better
  • we actively promote those players wanting to do more for the Clan – lead skirmishes, recruitment, platooning etc.

What we do?

  • platooning
  • tier 6/8/10 Strongholds
  • tier 8 Clan Wars
  • WOT Tournaments
  • mentoring – just ask for assistance if necessary


What we want from you?

  • play WOT regularly (at least a few times a week)
  • be active with the Clan – this means taking part in skirmishes
  • skirmishing – you’ll need headphones/speakers to listen at a minimum. We have a dedicated Discord setup as well
  • always be Respectful to other
  • must understand spoken English
We are English speaking.
We play Skirmishes, Advances, Global Map, Team Battles & Tournaments.
Our goal is to have fun, play to win and rise up the Clan table!
Swearing, and insulting fellow members is not allowed!
Using CHEATING MODS is not allowed!
Leave your ego, PLAY THE GAME

Minimum requirements:
  • We require players to play 4/5 days a week for Clan wars and Stronghold
  • We play on: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI,  & SAT
  • SUN is REST DAY or optional Team training
  • Overall wn8 700+
  • Minimum 1x tier VI tank usable in Skirmish/Team Battles.
  • Minimum 3x tier VIII tanks usable at Clan Wars.
  • Minimum 3x tier X tanks usable at Clan Wars.
  • English Languages spoken (communication in Discord)!
  • 17+ years old... we prefer 25+
  • Earn the Clan a minimum 1000 Industrial Resources per week


If you are interested send a message in game: Hastatus44, vex75 or beer8 or apply to join the clan: _PZF_


Panzer Fuckerz [_PZF_]




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