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Do clans keep an eye on players leaving other clans and/or try to poach players?

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Naughtilus #1 Posted 01 June 2020 - 07:40 PM

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Both times that I left a Czech/Slovak clan in the recent past, I've been approached or even accosted by other CZ/SK clan representatives, people I've never been in contact with before, with offers. Upon my inquiry, it would seem that it's a common practice in the CZ/SK community to keep tabs on other clans and approach the players leaving. I've had a few instances of people trying to poach me while I was still in a clan. One even recruited at the actual TS server of the clan I was in at the time.

None of that actually happened when I left an international clan at any point. And it got me wondering. Is the aforementioned behaviour a Czech/Slovak local speciality, does it happen only in national clans/communities, or does it happen also on the international scale at some level? I could imagine it happens in top clans, and it also occurs to me that the recruitment on the international scene kinda works differently. The "market" is much wider, with more people seeking clan via forums, clans don't have to resort to underhanded tactics, and the higher-end clans have applicants approaching them instead.


I'm genuinely curious, if anybody has any info or thoughts or opinions, please do share.

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