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Tank crews personalization expansion

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JarlSNORRI #1 Posted 02 June 2020 - 02:56 AM


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Halò tankers,


It's been nearly seven years I joined the WoT battlefields and since then I've seen wonderful improvements and developments.


From the release of the Sherman firefly branch on the tech tree of Britain to the female tank crews as well as the new nations released, I thought I would share a bit of wishful thinking:

I believe the game would be more enjoyable with more multicultural personalization.

Let me explain, I'm a Scot, and I'm so surprised that in the game I can't purchase the Scottish flag to set on my tanks. As well, I'm from an English speaking country where people are hard to understand, due to a strong accent.


Since I heard about making a tank playable by any crew nation in the game, I definitely thought to share a great idea: getting more languages and accents in the game.


As we all know, both UK and US are the only two countries in the game sharing the same language.

But how many people speak a language differently by a variation of dialects?

So that's why I think it'd be great to have a variety of Voices to choose for our tank crews in the game. For example:

-UK tanks should be able to select amongst English from Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle like, then accents like Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Ulster Scots, Glaswegian, Aussie, kiwi or South African to name some;

-US tanks should be able to select amongst a variety of accents from Texan speech to native American languages (historically, Navajo language helped the US marines to win against Japan, just watch windtalkers);

-French tanks should be able to choose from French metropolitan, Swiss, Belgian and Québécois;

-German tanks should be able to choose amongst, German speaking Swiss, Austro-Bavarian (Oberdeutsch), Berliner (Hochdeutsch) or Plattdeutsch.


Then of course we could add a variety of accents and dialects into Italian, Swedish, Polish and Soviet tanks too, you get the idea.


As an argument I'd use from reality, most of NATO members and non-nato members are using the German main battle tank Leopard 2a7.

So now you get the point of for example playing a Swedish tank with Glaswegian voices in the game.


Then at last of course it'd be class to have more choices about emblems, camouflage and inscription options. Detailed:

-From the Fleur de Lys to the Thistle, from the red rose to the red devil, then from the old and modern flags from Scotland to Bavaria and from Catalonia to Sameland, it'd be awesome we could set any of these flags on our war machines as a matter of distinct Identity;

-There are so many camouflages on Earth used by many armed forces like, multicam, cadpat, marpat, mtp, flecktarn, alpenflage.... Which would look great set up on our tanks too;

-about inscriptions, I wish we could have the choice to type in any nickname we wish to apply on the hull (as long as names aren't connected to nazism or fascism of course). Then of course, from the Latin alphabet to the Cyrillic alphabet, why not having the choice of a variety of other scripts like Viking runes, Celtic oghams, Asian letters...?


So, I hope wargaming will pay attention to my request and I wish many people would agree with such a progress.


See youse in battle!!!

Spurtung #2 Posted 02 June 2020 - 07:16 AM


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I'll remind you that they didn't record Buffon's voice when it comes to dynamic platoons.


Once that sinks in, perhaps you'll notice how out of your mind you are for thinking they'll pay voice actors in order to add extra accents.

Randomar #3 Posted 02 June 2020 - 07:47 PM

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If only I knew what the real meaning of mods was.
Ah, wait: Was it for cosmetic changes that have no other effect in the game?

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